Swarovski EL O-Range: new binoculars in hunter orange

The new Swarovski EL O-Range presents the latest designs from the tried and tested EL Range binoculars, which have a distinctive orange shell. They easily stand out from their surroundings and can always be spotted in the field. Furthermore, they can be seen from a distance and provide more security, for example, for drive hunting. 

Swarovski EL O-Range binoculars: features

Swarovski EL O-Range binoculars in hunter orange
Due to their hunter-orange color, the EL O-Range can easily be located and are highly visible.

The new EL O-Range is available in the 8x42 and 10x42 variants. They offer everything that distinguishes these reliable binoculars with range finder in the EL Range.

HD lenses allow for razor-sharp images and a precise range measurement. The large field of view (137 m at 1,000 meters with the high transmission value of 91%) ensures good observation in any situation right until dusk.

The Swarovski EL O-Range sits well in your hand and the measurement button for the integrated laser range measurement is easy to reach. The inclinometer and angle shot program enables recall of the adjusted distance for the shot at any time. This means that the hunter can make necessary adjustments to angles at far-range both quickly and simply. 

Swarovski EL O-Range binoculars: eyepiece
You can see the EL O-Range feature, the rotatable strap holder, on the side.

Aside from the prominent color, what we greatly appreciate about the new EL O-Range binoculars is the so-called FieldPro package. The binoculars come with an enhanced strap connector. Using the bayonet catch, you can quickly switch carrying straps. With a simple turning movement, the strap can be adjusted without making a sound and the binoculars connector turns with it. Additionally, the objective lens and eyepiece covers are included and securely in place.

Swarovski has developed the EL O-Range with the goal of giving the hunter optimal support even in difficult conditions. This is in part solved with the hunter-orange color.

Since March 9, 2018, the Swarovski EL O-Range is available in stores for 3,050 euro (recommended retail price). 

Swarovski EL O-Range: technical data 

Model:EL O-Range 8x42 W BEL O-Range 10x42 W B
Objective lens diameter:42 mm42 mm
Eye relief:19.2 mm17.3 mm
Field of view (1,000 m):137 m110 m
Field of view, apparent:61 °61 °
Shortest focusing distance:5 m5 m
Diopter compensation:-7/+5+- 5
Light transmission:91 %91 %
Length:approx. 166 mmapprox. 160 mm
Width:approx. 137 mmapprox. 137 mm
Height:approx. 81 mmapprox. 81 mm
Weight:895 g880 g
Measuring range:30 - 1.375 m30 - 1.375 m
Measuring accuracy:+- 1 m+- 1 m
Measuring time:less than 1 sec.less than 1 sec.
Angular measurement:+- 90 °+- 90 °
Battery life cycle:1,000 measurements1,000 measurements
Price (RRP):3,050 euro3,150 euro

Below is a link to a video (in English) about the Swarovski EL O-Range:

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