Test: Telescopic Swarovski BTX – Unique Spotting Scope with 2 eyepieces

Spotting scopes are optical devices where a single eye is used to look through them. The Austrian optical specialist Swarovski has now taken a new great step forward in their design, however. Swarovski is offering a unique spotting scope, the Swarovski BTX, with 2 eyepieces allowing you to look through with both eyes. In combination with the outstanding optics, even the most intricate details are visible. Ardent hunters will from now on not miss any detail. The result is a level of viewing clarity never before seen for hunting or observing nature.

This telescopic system was presented by Swarovski at the IWA 2017 along with other revolutionary optical products such as the smart rifle scope Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P with automatic aiming point correction – we reported on this also. But how good in the innovative Swarovski BTX spotting scope in reality?

What Advantages does the Swarovski BTX offer for hunters?

Use both eyes to look through the binocular Swarovski BTX spotting scope.
See more using both eyes with the binocular Swarovski BTX spotting scope.

Just like normal vision, the binocular Swarovski BTX combines the power of both eyes. Your first look through the scope using the two eyepieces feels new and completely different to the view through a conventional scope. But the viewing experience is so fascinating and unique that you will never want to be without it again.

Background: The Swarovski BTX is an almost perfect combination of binoculars, scope and telescope. It takes the specific advantages of each of these to make a real difference in the level of viewing comfort. The modern telescopic system also ensures exceptionally vivid and natural images. The high quality optics make an immediately noticeable difference when digiscoping – taking photographs through a telescope. Even smartphones work well for digiscoping and deliver great images.

There are currently 3 models of the Swarovski BTX available: 30×65, 30×85 and 35×95. Depending on the model chosen, the binocular spotting scope offers a 30× – 35× zoom. Using the optional ME 1.7× Extender, the zoom can even be increased to 50× – 60× so that you can get a truly up close experience of nature.

Lens modules can also be easily swapped out with those of the ATX and STX spotting scopes. Thanks to its flexible modular design, the Swarovski BTX opens up a huge variety of possibilities. It is easily adapted to different types of hunting and observing situations.

Technical properties of the Swarovski BTX spotting scope

Swappable lens of the Swarovski BTX spotting scope
Depending on the model chosen, the Swarovski BTX telescopic spotting scope offers a 30× – 35× zoom.

The size and shape of the telescopic Swarovski BTX alone is reason enough to make it feel imposing and leave a lasting impression. It doesn’t feel bulky, but appears more balanced and appealing. There are no surprises when it comes to the workmanship: The spotting scope has a feel that is appropriate to its price class and is well-made. The only drawback is its weight: Depending on the model, the Swarovski BTX weighs between 2.2 kg and 2.8 kg. This is not to be unexpected, though, due to the range of features this scope has.

It’s definitely not a lightweight option, which you will definitely notice during long days in the hide. That said, there are few hunters who would want to go without this viewing experience. The practical hunting features and advantages offered by its optics definitely outweigh the issue of weight. The forehead support and angled eyepieces mean you will have hours of viewing comfort.

In order to securely lock onto your target, the right eyepiece also features a sighting aid. This spotting scope ensures the necessary level of “total comfort” for long observation periods – ideal for hunters who do a lot of intensive observation.

Telescopic Swarovski BTX with 2 eyepieces on test on the shooting range.
The binocular Swarovski BTX spotting scope is designed for hunters and nature lovers who observe for hours on end.

Technical data for the Swarovski BTX models

Model:Swarovski BTX
Swarovski BTX
Swarovski BTX
Lens diameter:65 mm85 mm95 mm
Exit pupil diameter:2,2 mm2,9 mm2,7 mm
Exit pupil distance:21 mm21 mm21 mm
Field of view:
m/1.000 m
38 m37 m32 m
Field of view:
2,1 degrees2,1 degrees1,8 degrees
Eye field of view:60 degrees60 degrees60 degrees
Shortest focal distance:2,2 m3,8 m5,0 m
Length:371 mm404 mm458 mm
Weight:2.195 g2.520 g2,760 g
Temperate range:-25 °C / +55 °C-25 °C / +55 °C-25 °C / +55 °C
Water resistance:4 m water depth4 m water depth4 m water depth
from time of purchase
10 years10 years10 years

Test summary of the telescopic Swarovski BTX

Forehead support, angled eyepieces and sighting aid of the binocular Swarovski BTX.
Forehead support and angled eyepieces ensure hours of viewing comfort with the Swarovski BTX spotting scope.

First things first: The Swarovski BTX spotting scope is fun. It is a great companion when out hunting, providing exciting discoveries in your local area. Not just hunters, but also nature lovers will enjoy using this binocular telescope system. Lastly, it guarantees a unique viewing experience, many hours of viewing comfort and complete flexibility.

But is the Swarovski BTX suitable for sport shooting? Yes, the Swarovski BTX is naturally a great choice for sport shooting, particularly precision shooting and long range shooting.

But all this comes at a price: Depending on the model, the recommended retail price is around €3,300 to €4,300. But as we found, the Swarovski BTX is worth every cent.

Further information about the Swarovski BTX spotting scope can be found on the optical specialist’s website.

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