Swarovski BTX spotting scope with two eyepieces

An almost perfect combination of a binoculars, telescope and spotting scope – that is the Swarovski BTX with two eyepieces. The new spotting scope is compatible with all objectives from the ATX/STX families, and offers 30× or 35× magnification. With an optionally available ME 1.7× extender, it is even possible to increase magnification to 50–60×.

Binocular BTX spotting scope from Swarovski Optik
Swarovski BTX spotting scope: see more with both eyes.
Swarovski BTX telescope with two eyepieces
The Swarovski BTX telescope with variably adjustable forehead support.

The binocular system used corresponds to that of natural sight, thereby contributing to optimal viewing comfort. Steady yet relaxed observation – even over long periods of time – is no problem thanks to the slanted angle of view and the variably adjustable forehead support, which can even be fully retracted if necessary.

The Swarovski BTX spotting scope combines the acuity of both eyes and makes all details visible thanks to the exceptional optics. The objective modules can easily be interchanged with those of ATX and STX spotting scopes. This allows the BTX to be customized for the type of hunt at hand.

A targeting aid is installed above the right eyepiece to help the user reliably spot the target every time. The Swarovski BTX spotting scope is filled with an inert gas, making it waterproof up to a depth of four meters. Additional accessories are also available for the BTX, which will be available from specialist retailers from May 2017. Prices are not yet known, but we expect the recommended retail price to exceed 3,000 euros.

Technical data of Swarovski BTX Spotting Scope

Effective objective lens diameter:
65 mm85 mm95 mm
Exit pupil diameter:
2,2 mm2,9 mm2,7 mm
Eye relief:
21 mm21 mm21 mm
Field of view (m/1,000 m):
38 m37 m32 m
Shortest focusing distance:
2,2 m3,8 m5,0 m
371 mm404 mm458 mm
2.195 g2.520 g2.760 g
Swarovski BTX Spektiv mit zwei Okularen
The Swarovski BTX is suitable both for hunting at long distances, as well as for observing flora and fauna.

Swarovski BTX Tour 2017: test the spective on your own 

Interested parties who wish to experience the wonders of Mother Nature up close with the new BTX binocular spotting scope from Swarovski will have the opportunity to do so during the BTX Tour 2017. From April 30 to May 12, 2017, the new ocular module can be tested at a number of the most stunning birdwatching spots in Europe in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. For more information on the BTX Tour, please visit BTXtour.swarovskioptik.com. The official hashtag is #Closer2Nature.

In addition, Swarovski Optik also unveiled the new dS 5-25×52 P scope at IWA 2017. Click here to find out more about this innovative scope with automatic aiming point correction.

For more information on Swarovski Optik products, please visit the official Swarovski website.

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