Swarovski Ballistics Program: the Ideal Companion for Sighting

The Swarovski ballistics program helps hunters to identify the individual aiming points in long-distance reticles. The required correction values for the correct zero range distances can also be calculated for the ballistic turret.

First of all the user is asked to select their Swarovski riflescope. Besides the sight height above bore and the desired zero arrange distance, the hunter now only needs to pick the ammunition. Swarovski lists ammunition by all of the main manufacturers, ranging from Norma and GECO to RWS. Do you make your own ammunition? No problem. You can add the calibre, bullet type, weight and other parameters manually.

Swarovski also provides an ‘Expert Mode’ for more advanced users to specify ambient conditions such as air pressure, humility and current temperature.

Swarovski ballistics program modification on website
Swarovski ballistics program: all categories at a glance

Swarovski ballistics program: online, offline or by smart phone

Swarovski ballistic turret
Swarovski ballistics program: it is easy to calculate the necessary correction values to adjust the desired zero range distance for the ballistics turret
Swarovski Ballistics Programm App
The Swarovski ballistics program is also available for Android and iOS

All necessary details are stated in a summarised, tabular form. The table includes all height deviations based on the individual distances as well as the velocities. 

Another particularly helpful feature is that the ballistics program has an overview designed specifically for the ballistics turret. Here, the user can specify four distances in addition to the chosen zero arrange distance. 

The system then calculates the necessary number of clicks. The results are stored conveniently online. Alternatively, the user can print out the results or save the program on a PC for offline use. There are matching apps for android and iOS – both of them free.

Swarovski ballistics program: Personalised ballistics ring

The personalized ballistics ring is a particular highlight in the Swarovski ballistics program. Coordinated individually to suit your needs, you easily and conveniently add your relevant hunting distances online. A Swarovski dealer close to you takes the data entered in the Swarovski ballistics program to produce the ring precisely according to your wishes.

Swarovski ballistics program engraving types
Swarovski ballistics program: your chosen engraving is carved into the personalised ballistics ring
Swarovski Ballistics Program Ballistic cap
Swarovski ballistics program: the ballistics cap can also be individualised

Another feature is the personal engraving that is added to the ring. There are two options, both of which can be previewed. The user can customise the inner characters to suit personal wishes and to add a personal touch to the ballistics cap.

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