Pulsar Helion XQF thermal imaging scopes

Since early 2017 Pulsar raised the bar of thermal vision devices with the introduction of the Helion line of Thermal imaging monocular scopes, that rapidly became the Lithuanian manufacturer’s bestselling line due to its performance, build quality, and many features.

Pulsar Helion XP50 Thermal imaging monocular scope.
The Pulsar Helion XQ50F Thermal imaging monocular scope.

The Helion line is available in two main product ranges: the top performing and state of the art XP and the more affordable XQF.

The main difference is that the Helion XP range features a top-of-the line 640x480 resolution sensor and interchangeable lenses, therefore it is possible to purchase additional lenses of different focal length, while the Helion XQF features a high performance and proven 384x288 resolution sensor and fixed lenses.

Pulsar B-Pack quick change battery
All Pulsar Helion thermal scopes use the Pulsar B-Pack quick change battery.

Both Helion ranges feature highly sensitive AS Focal Planar Array microbolometer sensors with 17 µm pixel pitch, 50 Hz frame rate and share the same Pulsar Unified Design architecture. Also, the three focal lengths options for the objective lens, 28, 38 and 50 mm, are the same. In all models and ranges, the numbers in the name of the units specify focal length of the objective lenses, i.e. Helion XQ38F has an objective with 38 mm focal length.

The Pulsar Helion XQF is, in our opinion, the best deal: most users and hunters will wisely choose the model with the focal length that will best suit their needs and never feel the necessity to change lens, and the 384x288 resolution of the sensor in the Helion XQF is more than enough for searching for game or to make sure that there are no dangerous animals around, even in complete darkness.

Hunter in the wood with the Pulsar Helion XP50 thermal imaging scopes
The Pulsar Helion XQF produces a highly detailed image good enough for recognition and identification of animals, with smooth and perfect tracking of fast moving game.

The resolution and sensibility of the XQF sensor is perfectly capable of producing a highly detailed image good enough for recognition and identification of animals, while the 50 Hz real-time frame rate allows smooth and perfect tracking of fast moving game.

Pulsar Helion thermal monocular: five control
The simple five control interface to operate the Pulsar Helion thermal monocular located on top of the unit.

The image is observed on a bright AMOLED microdisplay with 640x480 resolution through a high-quality eyepiece. Additional features of the Helion XQF are 4x digital zoom of the native optical magnification (2.3, 3.1 and 4.1x respectively for the 28, 38 and 50 mm models), Picture-in-Picture function, up to 1800 m (2000 yd) detection distance for game at least 1,8 m tall like deer or elk, 8 different color palette modes, built-in video and photo recorder with internal 8Gb memory and Wi-Fi module.

Through Wi-Fi it is possible to connect the unit to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, using Pulsar’s free Stream Vision app, for remote observation and control of Pulsar compatible devices, streaming and recording of videos and uploading to Social platforms, i.e. FB and YouTube. The recently updated Stream Vision App also features a capable ballistic calculator and motion detection.

Standard features also include a rugged and solid composite housing, that is IPX7 certified to withstand adverse weather conditions and rough handling, a simple five control interface to operate the unit, and the Pulsar B-Pack quick change battery interface. IPS5 and IPS10 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are available for up to 16 hours of operation.

For more informaton, please visit the Pulsar website.

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