MINOX ZL3: a new riflescope line for hunters and sport shooters

MINOX has developed the new rifle scope models of the ZL3 line in Wetzlar. They are consistently and specifically tailored to the requirements of hunters and sport shooters. The ZL3 line includes 4 rifle scope models: ZL3 2-7x35, ZL3 3-9x40, ZL3 3.5-10x50 and ZL3 4-12x40.

Features of the new MINOX ZL3 riflescopes

The ZL3 riflescopes from MINOX are made of special anodized aluminum used in the aerospace industry. The shock-resistant tube protects the optics. A nitrogen filling prevents fogging of the lenses and corrosion inside.

The new ZL3 scopes are bright and offer an even faster focus on the target also at dusk. This ensures safety especially during the hunt and provides a clear view at the decisive moment.

The tube of the ZL3 riflescopes has a diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm). With a 3x magnification and different models you have the ideal tool for every need. It is flexible and very precise at both short and long shooting distances. Inside the riflescope there is the PLEX reticle on the second focal plane.

The large field of view allows a quick stop and a secure target acquisition. With an eye relief of 8.5 cm to the eyepiece, the necessary safety for the shooter is granted.

Above all, the new MINOX ZL3 riflescope series impresses with the almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. The prices and other technical data can be found in the following table.

MINOX ZL3 2-7x35 riflescope 
The new MINOX ZL3 2-7x35 riflescope is suitable for hunters and sport shooters.
MINOX ZL3 3-9x40 riflescope 
The MINOX ZL3 3-9x40 riflescope has a 3x magnification.
MINOX ZL3 3,5-10x50 riflescope 
The MINOX ZL3 3.5-10x50 riflescope has a lens diameter of 50 mm.
MINOX ZL3 MINOX ZL3 4-12x40 riflescope 
The MINOX ZL3 4-12x40 riflescope.

Technical data and prices of the MINOX ZL3 riflescopes

Field of view at 100 m:5,9 - 20 m4,7 - 14 m4 - 11,4 m3,5 - 10,3 m
Diopter compensation:-2 / +1,5-2 / +1,5
-2 / +1,5
-2 / +1,5
Eye relief:ca. 85 mmca. 85 mm
ca. 85 mm
ca. 85 mm
Exit pupil distance:12 - 5 mm4,4 - 12 mm5 - 12 mm3,3 - 10 mm
Adjustment range height / windage:+-50 MOA+-35 MOA+-32,5 MOA+-30 MOA
Adjustment range per rotation:15 MOA15 MOA
15 MOA
15 MOA
Adjustment range per click:1/4 MOA1/4 MOA
1/4 MOA
1/4 MOA
Parallax compensation:91.4 m91.4 m
91.4 m
91.4 m
Length:303 mm305 mm325 mm312 mm
Weight:390 g395 g440 g395 g
Tube diameter:1" / 25,4 mm1" / 25,4 mm
1" / 25,4 mm
1" / 25,4 mm
Reticle:2. BE2. BE2. BE2. BE
Price (RRP):269- Euro269- Euro299- Euro289- Euro

1 MOA (one minute of angle) = 2.91 cm at 100 m.

Here you will find the technical data of the ZL3 riflescopes from MINOX: Product information MINOX ZL3. 

New ZL3 riflescopes from MINOX: conclusions

The new MINOX ZL3 riflescopes allow you to concentrate on the essentials. Be it on the shooting range or In the field, the ZL3 optics convince with their functionality. They are very robust and quite inexpensive. These riflescopes are ideal entry-level models into the world of MINOX.

The models ZL3 2-7x35, ZL3 3-9x40 and ZL3 3,5-10x50 are now available from specialist dealers. The ZL3 4-12x40 is available from January 2018 for a suggested retail price of 289 Euro.

Further information on riflescopes from MINOX can be found directly on the manufacturer's website.

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