New MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope series for hunting

Four models featuring a 30 mm tube and 5x magnification, with a fine, dimmable glass fiber reticle: this is the new MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope line. The ZE5.2 series provides maximum flexibility and precision for short and long-distance shooting thanks to MINOX’s Fast Target Acquisition (FTA) system that provides a greatly improved ease of view with its enlarged eyepiece. Since with the increased size of the exit pupil the eye remains completely relaxed, shooters can take advantage of a large field of view and acquire the target quickly and easily. Moreover, the newly developed optical system with special hi-tech glass provides more resolution and contrast for an excellent image quality.

MINOX ZE5.2: a family of riflescopes for all needs

The ZE5.2 series riflescopes take advantage of an innovative glass fiber reticle in the second image plane with a homogeneously luminous circular dot that can be adjusted to any hunting situation during the day or at night. The improved LED technology allows for an optimal light transmission with almost no loss into the fine glass fiber. The FTA position sensor ensures an automatic shutdown of the reticle and the automatic timer deactivates the reticle illumination after 2 hours.

New MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope series for hunting
How the Fast Target Acquisition (FTA) system of the new MINOX ZE5.2 riflescopes works.

The ZE5.2 riflescopes have extra low-profile adjustment turrets. They are watertight and purged with Argon gas to prevent internal fogging. They are also equipped with a neoprene protective cover and an Allen key to adjust the reticle.  

After registering, the extended MINOX Comfort Service 30 year warranty applies to all ZE5.2 models.

The MINOX ZE5.2 is a family of riflescopes for all needs. The four models are: 

  • ZE5.2 1-5x24 - a compact optic for dynamic lowland or mountain hunting;
  • ZE5.2 2-10x50 -  a universal riflescope for close to medium shooting ranges;
  • ZE5.2 3-15x56 - a bright scope for use in deep twilight for short, medium and long ranges in densely wooded and wide open hunting grounds;
  • ZE5.2 5-25x56 - perfect for use in deep twilight and especially at long distances in open hunting areas.
The new MINOX ZE5.2 1-5x24 riflescope 
The new MINOX ZE5.2 1-5x24 riflescope is ideal for driven hunt.
New MINOX ZE5.2 2-10x50 riflescope
The new MINOX ZE5.2 2-10x50 riflescope.
MINOX ZE5.2 3-15x56 riflescope
MINOX ZE5.2 3-15x56 riflescope.
MINOX ZE5.2 5-25x56 riflescope.
MINOX ZE5.2 5-25x56 riflescope.

The MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope models will be available starting April 2018 from specialist dealers. The riflescopes are supplied with a neoprene protector and an Allen key for reticle adjustment. The recommended retail price of the manufacturer starts at 1,249 euro.

New MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope line.
The new MINOX ZE5.2 riflescope line.

MINOX ZE5.2: Technical Data

Max./min. power:1-5x2-10x3-15x5-25x
Objective diameter (mm):24 mm50 mm56 mm56 mm
Exit pupil max./min. (mm):11,4-4,9 mm11,4-5,2 mm11,4-3,8 mm11,0-2,3 mm
Exit pupil max./min. (mm):37,1-8,2 mm18,9-4,0 mm11,9-2,3 mm7,2-1,6 mm
Eye relief (mm):100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm

Diopter adjustment (-/+):

- 3/+2,5- 3/+2,5
- 3/+2,5
- 3/+2,5
Elevation and windage adjustment per click (MOA)1cm/100m1cm/100m
Reticle adjustment range+- 100cm/
+- 100cm/ 100m
+- 100cm/ 100m
+- 100cm/ 100m
Parallax adjustment:100 m100 m50 m - to infinity50 m - to infinity
Power supply for reticle illumination:CR 2032CR 2032CR 2032CR 2032
Tube diameter (mm):30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm
Length (mm):285 mm335 mm372 mm430 mm
Weight (g):480 g650 g760 g785 g

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