Video report: how is a Minox riflescope built?

Minox works together with hunters and experts in order to satisfy the requirements of the customer. It all begins with the idea of what the potential customer needs. Then the designer considers which solution is the most suitable and what can be built.

Several tube bodies in the raw state
Like every riflescope, a MINOX ZP consists of 3 basic components: mechanics, electronics and optics.

After the theoretical work, feasibility takes center stage. Can external suppliers provide the necessary parts in the quantity and quality that will satisfy Minox standards?

How the production of a MINOX ZP series riflescope starts ...

Once all of that is assured, and the idea and material are set, then the production process gets underway. However, before assembly of a Minox ZP model can begin, all of the parts first need to be gathered together – in the case of a ZP, this involves 248 individual parts, after all.

An employee inspects a lens of the Minox ZP riflescope.
ZP production at MINOX in Wetzlar: here, the lenses are assigned to the optics of a riflescope.
An electronic component of the Minox ZP riflescope.
Another element of a MINOX ZP riflescope is the electronics. Each of the 3 component groups is assembled in a well-defined process.

One of the parts mounted in what is called the component assembly is an O-ring. The dimensions of undergo testing, at which time the illumination settings are fine-tuned on the turret as well. This is just a small step, however.

A technician from Minox adjusts the inversion system of the riflescope.
MINOX ZP5 assembly: one of the central components of a riflescope is the inversion system. Here its accurate adjustment.
Ein Mitarbeiter bearbeitet mit einem Tupfer die innere Optik des Minox ZP Zielfernrohrs.
For a precision instrument such as the MINOX ZP riflescope, extremely clean and careful assembly is essential.

The erecting system is adjusted at another station at Minox. It is one of the central elements in a riflescope. Cleanliness is immensely important during this step. It is not permissible for any contamination to penetrate the riflescope. 

The completed inversion system is inserted into the tube body of the MINOX ZP5 and anchored there.
At the so-called "wedding", the completed inversion system is inserted into the tube body of the MINOX ZP5 and anchored there.

The “wedding” takes place once all of the components have been gathered together, whereby the erecting system is inserted into the tubular body of the riflescope and fixed in place. This is not yet the end of the job for Minox, however.

What has not been suitably tested and approved is not leaving the production sites at MINOX in Wetzlar. We were live on site and were able to convince ourselves.

MINOX ZP riflescope on the test bench

On the shock test bench, the ZP needs to withstand a force of 1,000 kg. That is more than on a normal firearm. Environmental simulations are also carried out. A Minox ZP needs to readily handle cold, pressure, and heat. It is also filled with nitrogen there after the air is evacuated. Quality assurance is performed following each work step.

Minox resistance test
In the so-called shooting resistance test, the shock of a shot on the riflescope is simulated manually. Then the deviation is checked at a distance of 100 m.
The Minox ZP riflescope is placed in the climatic chamber for a cold test.
A MINOX ZP riflescope must be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. In addition to pressure and heat, it is also exposed to cold - as here in the climate chamber.
The Minox ZP scope is mounted and tested on the shooting range.
A MINOX ZP riflescope at the end of the assembly process: the final field test on the shooting range.

However, it is the final practical test that is the most fun. 

A Blaser Tactical 2 most clearly shows what a Minox glass needs to withstand before it reaches the customer.

We were impressed by so much effort and precision. And you can be sure that a manufacturer like MINOX, who assembles his products in Germany, also offers the corresponding after-sales technical service.

You can see all of the steps for producing a Minox ZP model in chronological order in our exclusive video by

For more information on Minox products, visit manufacturer's website.

At the IWA 2018 MINOX presented a new line of hunting riflescopes: the riflescopes MINOX ZE5.2.

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