New from MINOX in 2017

The optics manufacturer MINOX from Wetzlar presented at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 new binoculars and spotting scopes. We will show you the most interesting products for the European area:

MINOX BV 10x42 TAC – the workhorse of MINOX optics 

The MINOX BV 10x42 TAC.

The first new product by Minox is the BV 10x42 TAC, a capable allround binocular designed for civilian and military & law enforcement use. It features a MIL reticle for estimating the distance. It is identical to the commonly used MIL-dot reticles in targeting scopes and features a precise 0,5 mrad gradient in the center. The light and robust optics features a multi-layer coating for maximum light transmission and vivid colors. The glass claims water resistance up to 15ft water and is nitrogen purged to prevent fogging and corrosion. The surface is rubberized for better haptics and shock resistance. 

The MINOX BV 10x42 TAC is available at a MRSP of €379 at participating dealers. 

NEW MINOX spotting scopes: MD 60 ZR and MD 80 ZR

MINOX presets two new spotting scopes as well: MD 60 ZR and MD 80 ZR. Those are intended for both civilian and military & law enforcement use. Both feature a FFP MIL-reticle for reliable range estimation in the field. These scopes do not rely on the precise 0.2 mrad center division, an additional AQRAS- and Mrad-scale is provided as well. Thanks to the newly devised mirror/lens combination, the MINOX spotting scopes are about 20% shorter than their predecessors. They come with an adjustable eyepiece with either 12x-40x or 20x-60x magnification. The straight body offers increased flexibility and mobility. 

A tripod adaptor as well as a carrying case comes standard. The rugged, rubberized metal case protects the nitrogen purged optics. The scopes are waterproof up to 5m depth. 

Both models are already available at participating dealers for an MRSP of € 1.198,- (MD 60 ZR)  or respectively € 1.398,- (MD 80 ZR).

MINOX spotting scopes MD series
MINOX presented two new spotting scope MD ZR series at the IWA OutdoorClassics.

The improved MINOX BL 8x56 HD: additional features and a new design

The MINOX BL 8x56 HD, a favorite of many hunters due to its excellent light transmission, has received a facelift. MINOX now presents the improved and optimized model featuring a new bridge design for single handed use. The internals have been modernized as well with a resulting increase in field of view just as improved contrast and further reduction of halo. 

Among other details, this is achieved by the use of HD glass in the objective as well as improved optical coatings. The colors are more vivid, the light transition is improved and even dusk, dawn or moonlight are no issue when using the new MINOX BL 8x56. 

The MINOX BL 8x56 HD for use with spectacles

Minox BL 8x56 HD
The new Minox BL 8x56 HD.
Especially used by hunters: the light-weight MINOX BL 8x56 HD.

Users relying on glasses have had issues in the past when utilizing binoculars. MINOX addresses this issue by increasing eye relief and equipping the MINOX BL 8x56 HD with adjustable eyecups.

The 136m FOV is available without any curtailments. Included in the box is a neoprene carry strap as well as a soft case. 

The Minox BL 8x56 HD is currently available at an MRSP of € 799,-.

Technical details of the MINOX BL 8x56 HD


BL 8x56 HD

Entrance pupil
56 mm
Exit pupil

7,0 mm

Field of view

136 m / 1.000 m


Eye relief

20,0 mm
Geometric light trasmission equivalent 49,0 mm
Close focus
3,5 m
Diopter adjustment
+/- 4 dpt
Ambient temperature
-10 - +50° C
Up to 5 m
Height, width, depth
195 x 160 x 70mm
ca. 1.300 g 
Volkswagen Design

MINOX Comfort Service: 30 year warranty included

MINOX stands behind their products and now offers an additional service to their customers. From the day of registration, they will warrant against manufacturing defects for 30 years. 

For more information, please visit the MINOX website.

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MINOX at the SHOT Show 2017

The richly traditional German company MINOX mainly presented new products for the US market at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. But some of the products featured here were truly innovative for the German market as well. Let’s look at the most interesting items:

MINOX ACX 300 Action Camera

MINOX ACX 300 Action Camera
The new Action Cam from MINOX: ACX 300.

The brand new MINOX ACX 300 Action Cam is the perfect companion for all leisure and sports activities. With the ACX, MINOX now competes on the same market as the popular Go Pro. The MINOX Action Camera shoots videos with a HD resolution of up to 3K. The 150-degree wide-angle lens captures every single detail in high quality. At the heart of the camera is a 12 MP sensor by Sony that records razor-sharp images of every single action. 

MINOX Action Camera ACX 300 with underwater housing
An underwater housing makes the MINOX ACX 300 Action Camera waterproof.

The ACX 300 is also equipped with a built-in WiFi module and highly modern GYRO technology for optical image stabilization. Thanks to its compact design and extremely robust and waterproof housing, the new MINOX ACX 300 can be used anywhere and any time. The camera has a 2-inch TFT display on the rear, allowing users to view their images and videos directly on the device. The ACX 300 also comes with a remote that can be worn like a watch that lets users take stunning videos and photos of themselves in action.

MINOX ZX5i riflescopes

MINOX unveiled new models of the tried-and-tested ZX5i rifle scopes at SHOT Show 2017. The new models are the ZX5i 2-10x45, ZX5i 3-15x50, and the ZX5i 5-25x50. 

MINOX ZX5i rifle scope
The MINOX ZX5i rifle scope is one of the new models.

With the ZX5i rifle scope models, MINOX impresses in terms of precision, quality, and reliability. The 5x magnification and the 30 mm rifle scope offer users maximum flexibility and precision for short and long distances. Available with and without an illuminated reticle, these new ZX5i rifle scopes are also suitable for hunting in poorly illuminated twilight situations. They allow the user to concentrate more quickly on the target and to acquire a clear picture of everything that’s happening at this crucial moment.

The new models are available on the US market with PLEX and BDC reticles. The MINOX ZX5/ZX5i is available in the following models: 1-5x24, 2-10x45, 2-10x50, 3-15x50 SF, 3-15x56 SF, 5-25x50 SF, and 5-25x56 SF. These models are also available from specialist retailers in Germany. The manufacturer’s recommended retail prices for the rifle scope start at €639.00.

For more information, technical data and prices, please read our article on the MINOX ZX5 line on

MINOX BV binoculars

The popular MINOX BV family of binoculars welcomed a new member at the 2017 SHOT Show: the BV 8x33.

MINOX BV binoculars
The new model in the MINOX BV series of binoculars: BV 8x33.

Like the popular 8x44, the MINOX BV 8x33 is characterized by good optical quality, a robust and ergonomic housing, and a high level of reliability. The new comfort bridge design with an open connector makes them even easier to hold in one hand, thus enabling greater freedom of movement when on the hunt or observing game. The binoculars model has an impact-resistant housing for greater adaptability to harsh environments as well. It is filled with nitrogen and waterproof up to five meters. 

The MINOX BV binoculars are available from specialist retailers in Germany in the following models: BV 8x25, BV 10x25, BV 8x33, BV 8x44, BV 10x44 and BV 8x56.

Other products from MINOX at SHOT Show 2017

In addition to the brand new products we outlined above, MINOX also showcased more of its successful product lines from 2016. Here are the highlights: 

MINOX DTC 450 SLIM trail camera

The MINOX DTC 450 SLIM trail camera is particularly slender.

As can be gathered by the word “SLIM” in the product name, this trail and observation camera is extremely flat. With a thickness of just 2.7 cm, slightly curved contours, and a housing in a camouflage pattern, it allows for even more discreet observations. You will find the technical data, features, and prices for the MINOX DTC 450 SLIM in our review on

MINOX DTC 390 trail camera

With the new DTC 390 trail and observation camera, MINOX has developed a new model that enables quick and simple operation thanks to its intuitive menu navigation. The rapid shutter speed of approx. one second and a lifetime of up to six months make the DTC 390 a highly reliable indoor and outdoor tool to watch game or even surveille for unauthorized intruders on your property. The MINOX DTC 390 trail and observation camera is available in three differently colored housings. For the technical data, features, and prices of the  MINOX DTC 390, please read our review on

MINOX DTC 390 Camo
The MINOX DTC 390 trail and observation camera in camo with “Realtree” pattern.
MINOX DTC 390 in grey
MINOX DTC 390 trail and observation camera in gray for buildings.
MINOX DTC 390 in brown
The MINOX DTC 390 trail camera is available in three different colors: shown here in brown.

MINOX BL HD binoculars

MINOX BL HD binoculars
MINOX BL 10x52 HD binoculars.

The optics company has expanded the BL HD line of binoculars by adding the models BL 8x33 HD, BL 8x52 HD, and BL 10x52 HD. The new binoculars have been completely reworked and further optimized. They now have an open bridge, making them easier to handle. In addition, the objectives have been outfitted with an innovative HD glass that ensures improved color correction and higher transmission. For more information, such as technical data, features, and prices of the MINOX BL HD binoculars, read the review on

MINOX ZP5 riflescopes

MINOX ZP5 rifle scope
The MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 rifle scope is suitable for long distances.

With the ZP5 series from MINOX, the company based in Wetzlar provides a series of rifle scopes which take the combination of mechanical precision, optical quality, and robustness to a whole new level. In conjunction with practical features, this allows shooters to remain in control of the situation even under extreme conditions. The MINOX ZP5 rifle scopes have been developed specifically for professional use. Above all, the ZP5 5-25x56 is suitable for long distances. Click here for a review of long-range shooting with the MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 on More technical data, features, and prices are available in a review on

For more information, please visit the MINOX website.

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