MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z: hunting spotting scopes

MINOX spotting scopes are the perfect companion for observing objects from a distance in the great outdoors – they are compact, light and easy to transport. Especially when hunting or making challenging nature observations, it’s essential to use high-quality optics with rewarding functionality. The spotting scopes by MINOX from Wetzlar stand out with their excellent, high-quality lenses, which ensure a high light transmission, brilliance, rich contrast and color fidelity in the image – even under extremely poor lighting conditions.

MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z: spotting scope technology, redefined

The innovative MINOX MD 60 Z spotting scope
Innovative spotting scopes by the optics specialist from Wetzlar: MINOX MD 60 Z.
The innovative MINOX MD 80 Z spotting scope
Innovative spotting scopes by the optics specialist from Wetzlar: MINOX MD 80 Z.

Now with its two new and innovative spotting scopes, the MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z, the renowned manufacturer caters better to the needs of numerous hunters, passionate nature observers and ornithology enthusiasts. The use of an innovative prism system has facilitated a more compact design that is up to 20% shorter than conventional spotting scopes. These two new modern spotting scopes with a straight eyepiece offer even more flexibility and mobility. They are equipped with an infinitely variable ocular for 12–40x (MD 60 Z) and 20–60x magnification. 

The MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z spotting scopes feature a premium, high-performance optics system. It delivers a brilliant, high-contrast image that impresses with its natural color fidelity. One particular advantage of both innovative models comes from the fixed wide-angle eyepiece. Thanks to the impressive magnification, even objects that are at a great distance can be observed as if they were close by. The observer will not miss a single detail, and the object can be experienced with both high resolution and image quality. The bright images are ensured by an entry pupil of 60 mm (MD 60 Z) or 80 mm (MD 80 Z).

MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z — Technical details

12-40 x20-60 x
Entry pupil
60 mm80 mm
Number of lenses in eyepiece9 lenses9 lenses
Diopter adjustment-5 to +50 dpt-5 to +50 dpt
Exit pupil4,8 - 1,5 mm4,0 - 1,3 mm
Field of view at 1,000 m59 m / 3,4°
19 m / 1,1°
40 m / 2,3 °
14 m / 0,8°
Eye relief
30 mm30 mm
Twilight number
23,04 - 2,2516,0 - 1,69
Operating temperature
-10° to +45°-10° to +45°
Waterproof (depth)
up to 5 mup to 5 m
Dimensions (H x W x L)13,8 x 7,8 x 31,0 cm13,8 x 9,4 x 38,5 cm
1.620 g2.190 g
Recommended retail price1,098 euros (incl. sales tax/VAT)
1,298 euros (incl. sales tax/VAT)

The MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z spotting scopes are robust and shock-proof. A solid metal housing protects the precision optics from external factors. Despite this, they come at an acceptable weight of 1,620 g and 2,190 g. Sheathed in rubber, the sport optics not only provide a good grip, but are also dust- and waterproof. The housing interior is filled with nitrogen, which prevents internal corrosion and fogging due to condensation – even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

MINOX MD 60 Z spotting scope
The MINOX MD 60 Z offers 12–40x magnification. It impresses with its compact design and weighs in at around 1,620 g.

MINOX MD 60 Z and MD 80 Z: our verdict

The new spotting scopes by MINOX are outfitted with an integrated tripod connector with a locking device. This allows them to be easily and conveniently mounted on a tripod. An “ever-ready” case is included. Buyers can also obtain both models with a reticle upon request, which makes them optimal for use by law enforcement or sport marksmen

However, it is above all hunters and nature lovers who will appreciate the compact design. The advantages are particularly noticeable when on the hunt and make both innovative spotting scopes a prudent supplement to a pair of binoculars. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is 1,098 euros for the MINOX MD 60 Z and 1,298 euros for the MINOX MD 80 Z (incl. sales tax/VAT; as of November 3, 2016). 

MINOX MD 80 Z spotting scope
With its infinitely variable eyepiece, the MINOX MD 80 Z offers 20–60x magnification. Both innovative spotting scopes by the German manufacturer are aimed primarily at hunters and nature observers, but also for sport shooters.

For more information on MINOX spotting scopes, please visit the website of the optics specialist based in Wetzlar.

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