MINOX DTC 390 wild camera

With the new game and observation camera MINOX DTC 390 the optical specialists from Wetzlar have launched a new model that boasts a fast and easy operation thanks to its intuitive guidance. Besides focusing on nature observation and the inspection of hunting grounds, observation cameras are being used more and more for the surveillance of buildings in the private and commercial sector. The DTC 390 is discrete, intelligent and powerful, making it an ideal and reliable companion in hunting grounds and also for the protection of property and personal safety.

Technical data of the MINOX DTC 390

MINOX DTC 390 wild camera in brown
The MINOX DTC 390 wild camera is available in brown and camouflage.
MINOX DTC 390 wild camera in grey
The MINOX DTC 390 is also available in grey version for buildings.

Featuring a 5 megapixel sensor the new MINOX DTC 390 provides outstanding imaging quality with pin-sharp definition, rich contrast and natural color rendition, both day and night. In addition to capturing individual images it is also possible to take video recordings in HD resolution. The powerful “Black Light“ infrared flash with >940nm wavelength ensures reliable images in the dark as well as in unfavorable light, even at distances of over 10 meters, and is completely invisible to people and animals alike. 

Thanks to its short shutter delay of approximately one second and a battery life of up to six months the new DTC 390 is a very reliable tool for outdoors and also indoors where, for instance, it can document unauthorized intruders. 

All data are stored on a SD card and can be read from the integrated 2.4“ display or transferred to a computer or TV appliance via the USB port. The DTC 390 can also be password protected against unauthorized access.

The reliable camera technology is protected by a robust and weatherproof plastic body to keep out water, dust, cold and heat. The new MINOX DTC 390 comes with fixing strap, wall mount and USB cable.

For more information visit Minox website. 

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MINOX DTC 390 wild and observation camera
Technical data

MINOX DTC 390 wild camera in camouflage

ModelDTC 390
Typewildlife and game observation camera
Adjustable resolutions
5, 8, 12 Megapixel 
Sensor5 Megapixel (Hardware resolution)
SD memory card
Monitor2,4 TFT color display
Full color (day) and black & white (night)
VideoHD 1280x720
136 x 95 x 75 mm
  Weightca. 280 g
Power4-8 AA cell batteries
Port USB port,  6 Volt port for external power
Price€ 119,00 (incl. VAT)