MINOX “Boars” Set: binoculars plus PUMA knife

MINOX extremely powerful binoculars with a modern optics system made of multi-coated lenses guarantee high light transmission and image clarity. This makes them the perfect companions for hunting boars in twilight or even in the moonlight. A good addition for hunters is a high-quality PUMA boar knife! These quality knives are best suited for working on game and look good. The thumb groove on the blade back as well as the practical finger protection allows the knife to be guided safely and easily, especially when skinning a boar.

MINOX Boar Set in two versions

The MINOX Boar Set is available in two versions.

Both versions are available from now and only for a limited time in specialized stores:

Set 1: 449 Euro  

MINOX BV 8x56 binoculars with PUMA boar knife with olive wood handle.

You save 66 Euro

Set 2: 799 Euro

MINOX BL 8x56 HD binoculars with PUMA boar knife with deerhorn handle.

You save 164 Euro. In the MINOX set, there is a free PUMA knife. A great deal!

Here is further information about the individual products from the two MINOX Boar Sets:

Contents of the MINOX Boar Sets: the binoculars

MINOX Fernglas BV 8x56 binoculars
The MINOX BV 8x56 binoculars are included in the "Boar Set" for 449 €. The Puma knife comes with an olive wood handle.

MINOX Binoculars BV 8x56

The binoculars of the MINOX BV series impress with their good optical quality, their robust, handy housing and their reliability, making this model a powerful companion especially for hunting wild boars. In any case, they are a very good choice for the price/performance-conscious buyer and especially for young hunters. The MSRP for binoculars only is 399 Euro. The optical performance for this price range is really very good and recommended.

MINOX BL 8x56 HD binoculars
The MINOX BL 8x56 HD Premium Binoculars are now also available in the "Boars Set" together with a Puma knife for 799 €. The knife price is 164 €.

MINOX BL 8x56 HD binoculars

In these binoculars - a completely new model - the use of HD special lenses, the finest coating and the best opto-mechanical elements leads to a unique viewing experience. The light and ergonomic housing with comfort bridge blends in a particularly dynamic design. With their HD lenses, they are particularly powerful, whether in the bright sunlight or during nighttime hunting in the moonlight. It is nevertheless compact and handy. The MINOX BL HD therefore provide everything the hunter expects from premium binoculars "Made in Germany". The MSRP for these binoculars is 799 Euro.

Technical data of the two MINOX binoculars in comparison

BL 8x56 HDBL 8x56
Entry pupil 
56 mm56 mm
Diopter adjustment 
+/- 4 dpt.+/- 4 dpt.
Exit pupil 7,0 mm7,0 mm
Field of view at 1,000 m 126 m / 7,2°114 m / 6,5°
Eye relief 20 mm23 mm
Closest range 3,5 m2,5 m
Operating temperature 
-10° to +50° C-10° to +50° C
Waterproof5 m5 m
Height / width / length 195 x 160 x 70 mm187 x 143 x 61 mm
Weight 1.250 g1.145 g

Contents of the MINOX Boar Set: the PUMA knife

All information about the two PUMA knives from the MINOX blackwild sets:

PUMA IP knife with olive wood handle (included in set 1)

PUMA is a renowned manufacturer of quality knives from the German city of Solingen. The knife from the MINOX Set 1 features a 4 mm thick, a classic skinner blade made of 440C steel and a gut hook. This model has a precious handle made of olive wood and is delivered in a leather sheath with push button closure. It is slightly lighter than the variant with the deerhorn handle and is of course also less expensive. The technical data of the blades of the two knives are the same. The MSRP for this PUMA knife is116 Euro.

The PUMA IP hunting boar knife with olive wood handle
The PUMA IP hunting boar knife with olive wood handle.

– Blade length: 120 mm

– Blade thickness: 4 mm

– Total length: 235 mm

– Knife weight: 255 g

– Steel / hardness: 1.4125 / 57-60 HRC

The "IP" in the brand name stands for "International Production" - in this case, Spain.

The design is naturally by PUMA. The blade etching is also carried out in Solingen, as well as the final inspection.

PUMA IP Knife with deerhorn handle (included in Set 2)

This robust hunting knife also features a 4 mm thick, classic skinner blade made of 440C steel with a gut hook. Due to the large arch in the tip area of  the 12 cm long blade, the cutting edge is quite large, so it is very good for boars. A nickel-plated hand guard forms the transition to the handle area. High-quality deer horn was selected for the handle. The MRSP for this PUMA variant is 164 Euro.

PUMA IP hunting boar knife with deer horn handle
The PUMA IP hunting boar knife with deer horn handle.

– Blade length: 120 mm
– Blade thickness: 4 mm
– Total length: 235 mm
– Knife weight: 285 g
– Steel / hardness: 1.4125 / 57-60 HRC
– Sheath: leather

Now it's your turn: choose which of the two sets fits you best and then quickly select a dealer of your choice, because both sets are only available as a limited edition for a limited time.

More information about the MINOX Boar Set as well as a link to the dealers search can be found directly on the Company website.


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