The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker Thermal Imaging Device

We had the opportunity to review an interesting and brand-new product offered by major USA based optics manufacturer LEUPOLD three months before the SHOT Show 2017 opens its doors in Las Vegas.

LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device
The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device in flashlight format fits easily into any holder and turns night into day.

As compact as it is affordable, the LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device looks almost exactly like an industry standard flashlight. The thermal imaging feature allows hunters to observe or track game in poor lighting conditions or even in complete darkness.

But the Leupold LTO-Tracker can also be extremely useful in the government agency sector. The military, police force, border control, customs authorities, fire departments and other security experts could use the device as an effective means of observing or pursuing offenders.

Features of the LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device

LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device
The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker thermal imaging device has a range of up to 549 m.

The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker is powered by a CR123 lithium battery and is 14.2 cm long. Weighing around 280 g, it is a compact lightweight among industry standard thermal devices. The LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker also comes with a digital 6x zoom, a 21-degree angle of view, a heat sensor with a resolution of 206x156, a high fast frame image frequency of 30 Hertz and six selectable color palettes. The manufacturer claims an operating range of up to 600 yards (549 m). But experience has shown that these devices will probably only respond to game located at a distance of up to 100 m.

After switching it on, the LTO-Tracker is fired up and ready to go within three seconds. The round ocular has a diameter of 30 mm and a display resolution of 240x204 pixels.

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price for the LEUPOLD LTO-Tracker is €849.00 (as of November 2016).

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