The essentials always in sight: KAHLES new website

The world-renowned rifle scope manufacturer from Austria has fundamentally revised its brand image. KAHLES has now also made a new Internet stage available to its products. As a result, the company presents itself also from the digital side as modern and technically up to date. Even if you access the website via smartphone or tablet, this is no problem. The site was completely implemented in responsive design, so that the website can be browsed from any device.

What can you find on the new KAHLES website?

Homepage of the new KAHLES website with two areas for hunters or shooters.
The new site has two main areas where the products for hunters or marksmen are presented.

Right on the home page you will find two clearly separated areas: one area for hunters and one for sport shooters.

If you select one, you reach the overview area. There you can choose between rifle scopes, binoculars with rangefinder, conventional binoculars or accessories.

The product overview for each product of the new KAHLES website provides all the necessary information.
At a glance you will get the most important information about the riflescope HELIA 3 3-10x50i.

Each section clearly presents the respective products. Select a product, such as the riflescope HELIA 3 3-10x50i, and you’ll have an immediate overview of the product features. You can also look at the scope from three different perspectives. This allows you to easily see all the details on the target optics HELIA 3 3-10x50i.

If you want to see the specific technical data, you can easily download the data sheet.

New website from KAHLES: features of the products explained in detail

Overview of the features of the various products with appropriate explanations.
The new KAHLES website offers additional areas explaining all features and technologies.

What is behind the "2nd focal plane"? What is the function of the "KAHLES Ballistic Drop Compensation"? Or what advantages does the feature "Automaticlight" offer with the riflescope?

Answers to these and other questions can be found on the new KAHLES website, if you select the corresponding product feature. 

All you have to do is hover your mouse over the upper HUNT area and select "Features". Then you get an overview of the features; by a simple click on the feature you get a short and simple explanation of it.

In addition, you will receive all the latest news about KAHLES products in the NEWS section. In the SPORT section you can find additional info about upcoming events.

KAHLES website SPORT area 
In each area you will find the most important information tabs: whether NEWS about the current products, information on FEATURES of the products or upcoming EVENTS, here everyone gets the necessary information.

The world of optics specialists on the new KAHLES website

Since its establishment in 1898 by the brothers Karl and Friedrich Kahles, the company has been able to celebrate many successes and pioneering advances in the world of optics. If you would like to know more about the history of this optics manufacturer and the founding family, visit the "KAHLES WORLD" section. There you will find interesting facts about the company and discover historical pictures.

We find the new KAHLES website well done. All the necessary information about the products and the company is visible at a glance and embedded in an appealing design. With the responsive design applied to the smallest detail, surfing on mobile devices is also very pleasant and intuitive.

The new KAHLES website is available in German and English.

New product portfolio from KAHLES

The new product range from KAHLES in German and English.
The well-known riflescope manufacturer presents its product range in the new KAHLES product portfolio The magazine, designed in a new and appealing design, is based on the new corporate design of KAHLES.

In addition to the new website, KAHLES also presented its new product portfolio: in a new design to match the KAHLES homepage, the optics manufacturer is presenting its current product range for hunters and sport shooters. Besides the first technical details of the products, you will find the full technical data in the back section. This makes it easy to find out about the products.

The new product portfolio is of course available in German and English.

Here you will find an overview of the optics innovations for 2018 from KAHLES. 

At IWA 2018 KAHLES presented its new brand identity itself and a real novelty among riflescope. On all4shooters you will find everything you need to know about the K525i tactical riflescope from KAHLES

How a KAHLES riflescope is made? Find out on what makes the high-quality optical instruments by KAHLES so special and how they are manufactured in Austria.


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