Test & technology: KAHLES Helia riflescopes

Even before IWA 2017, we already had an opportunity to personally test the new KAHLES Helia riflescopes at the 5th International RWS Shooting Day 2017. Now we are showing you the features and technical data of the scopes in a video.

The product line consists of only 3 models – and yet they have all hunting applications covered. Every single riflescope provides no more – and no less – than perfect functionality and performance for its respective area. They are indeed convincing in what truly matters for practical hunting: function, reliability and handling.

The KAHLES Helia riflescope models

All of the Helia series models have coated lenses (OILPHOBIC) and an illuminated reticle in the 2nd focal plane for day and night use. Rapid reticle adjustment and an SR rail are available as options. What is more, the riflescopes all have automatic power-off, mainly serving to preserve the battery and increase the service life.

        KAHLES Helia 1-5×24i hunting riflescope.
KAHLES Helia 1-5×24i Driven Hunting Riflescope.

The KAHLES Helia 1-5×24i is ideal for driven hunting. The especially compact driven hunting optics, with an ultra-wide field of view (42 m / 100 m), has 5× magnification and an extra bright day/night illuminated reticle. The optics have excellent edge sharpness and – with real 1× magnification – can be used as a red dot sight with both eyes open.

KAHLES Helia 2-10x50i riflescope
The all-rounder: the KAHLES Helia 2-10×50i riflescope.

The KAHLES Helia 2-10×50i riflescope is a perfect all-rounder. The lightweight and easy-to-use optics have a large, contrastive field of view and perform well in low-light conditions. Thanks to its compact design, the scope is ideal for stalking.

KAHLES Helia 2.4-12×56i hunting riflescope
Premium class for hide hunting: the KAHLES Helia 2.4-12×56i.

The KAHLES Helia 2.4-12×56i is the premium class in the Helia series. Thanks to its extremely high light transmission in twilight and at night, excellent contrast, and wide and bright field of view, this riflescope is perfect for hide hunting.

Conclusion on the KAHLES Helia Riflescopes

We have personally tested the scopes of KAHLES, the Austrian riflescope pioneer: It’s true! The Helia series riflescopes do not have any bells and whistles. They do not try to dazzle you with theoretical performance values that no hunter can get to grips with in practical use.

One glance through the eyepiece is usually enough to experience the outstanding optical performance of the riflescope. This is especially impressive considering its relatively affordable price.

The KAHLES Helia 1-5×24i can be purchased at just 1,500.00 euros, with the Helia 2-10×50i priced at 1,600.00 euros and the Helia 2.4-12×56i premium product costing 1,700.00 euros (manufacturer’s recommended retail price; status: 9.12.2017).

KAHLE Helia Zielfernrohr auf Jagdgewehr
The KAHLE Helia series riflescopes come in 3 models and are suitable for any kind of hunting.

You can find more information on KAHLES directly from the company’s website.

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