GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black telescopic sights for hunting and sports

Optics have a tradition at GECO: Gustav Genschow & Co. was already selling binoculars under the well-known brand back in the 1930s. Today the GECO brand offers telescopic sights of the highest optical and mechanical quality at an exceptionally fair price. The range is now being expanded by several high quality hunting and sports optics with the GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black lines. The new models are perfectly adapted to the essential requirements of hunters, marksmen and authorities. 

GECO provides the ideal entry point into the first-class targeting optics segment. The focus of the development here was on technical precision, hunting functionality as well as durability of the telescopic sights. They boast an extremely compact and lightweight construction. The modern design, carefully selected materials and the highest quality also sets new standards. The optical and mechanical performance is unique in this price range. The telescopic sights therefore meet the requirements you expect as well as the motto of the brand: “GECO – ALL YOU NEED.”

The new entry-level telescopic sights by GECO

Woman looks through target telescope
Entry-level telescopic sight: the GECO 4-12×50i.

The GECO telescopic sights with 3× zoom know how to impress: slim design, extremely compact structural length and low weight are their outstanding attributes. The central barrel diameter is one inch. In terms of technical quality, they convince with their outstanding visual range and high transmission values. The illuminated fine GECOdot with automatic shutoff and integrated Target Turret GECOtrac are unrivalled in this class.

The proven all-round GECO 3-9×42 and GECO 3-9×40i glasses are especially easy to handle: ideally suitable for stalking and hiding. With illuminated reticles and larger objective lens diameters, the telescopic sights are a good companion even when hunting at dusk or dawn

The higher magnification features of the GECO 4-12×42 and GECO 4-12×50i telescopic sights facilitate precise shots at further distances. The models are also suitable for poorer light conditions. After all, they have a large objective lens diameter and illuminated reticle. 

Telescopic sight:GECO
Central barrel diameter:1 inch1 inch1 inch1 inch

Reticle:Plex# 4
Plex# 4
Total length:300 mm317 mm310 mm336 mm
Weight:400 g428 g390 g516 g
Recommended retail price:349 euros
599 euros

649 euros

GECO Gold: brand new telescopic sight line for hunting

The telescopic sights of the GECO Gold line feature a high zoom factor and superior optical performances. Thanks to the use of HD glass and state-of-the-art multi-layer coating, they offer superior performance data with respect to transmission, field of view and exit pupil. The fine illuminated GECOdot promises high accuracy. High adjustment capabilities and tool-free zeroing of the hunting optics ensure supreme functionality thanks to the integrated GECOtrac Target Turret. The result: the telescopic sights can be flexibly deployed in almost any hunting situation.

The GECO Gold telescopic sight 1-6×24i can be described as the specialist for hunting big game or hunting while on the move. With its large field of view, it allows for rapid and secure target acquisition – the 6× zoom factor enables precise shots at medium distances.

Shooter looks through target telescope GECO Gold
GECO Gold 2-15x50i and GECO 2,5-15x56i: the target range with HD optics and large objective lens diameters of 50mm and 56mm.
GECO Gold 1-8x24i
GECO Gold 1-8x24i: this telescopic sight is suitable for driven hunt.

All-rounder for virtually any hunting situation: the GECO Gold 2.5-15×50i and GECO Gold 2.5-15×56i telescopic sights with their HD optics and large objective lens diameters guarantee maximum accuracy in even the most unfavorable lighting conditions. The hunting optics cover many areas of applications thanks to the large zoom factor and reputable field of vision: from hunting on the move to precise distance shooting. 

The GECO Gold 1-8×24i telescopic sight is the perfect accompaniment for hunters who want to cover everything from driven hunts to rapid shooting at long distances. The all-round glass features a maximum zoom factor, wide field of views, a fine illuminated dot as well as a large exit pupil – it represents the greatest degree of accuracy. As with all targeting optics of the GECO Gold line, the manufacturer promises a long-term warranty of ten years. This clearly reflects the high quality and absolute reliability of the telescopic sights. 

Telescopic sight:
GECO Gold 
GECO Gold 
GECO Gold 
Central barrel diameter:30 mm30 mm
30 mm
30 mm
Reticle:# 4
# 4
# 4
# 4
Total length:269 mm381 mm381 mm273 mm
Weight:530 g700 g780 g610 g
Recommended retail price 
1,149 euros
1,249 euros
1,299 euros

GECO Black: the telescopic sight line for tactical shooting

GECO Black telescopic sight 
Telescopic sight for tactical marksmen and authorities: the GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac.

The GECO Black class currently includes a high-quality telescopic sight for marksmen and authorities: with 8× zoom factor and a central barrel diameter of 34 mm. The sports optics are based on the outstanding optical performance data of the GECO Gold line. 

The telescopic sight has been especially developed for tactical shooting. The GECO Black line thereby seamlessly fulfills the highest requirements of marksmen. This is clearly proven by the high adjustment capabilities, illuminated reticle in the first focal plane, integrated target turret as well as the flip cover included with delivery. Just like the GECO Gold line, the manufacturer retails the GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac with a ten year warranty.

The GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac is a classic representative of a tactical telescopic sight in a military-like design. The integrated horseshoe reticle allows for both intuitive rapid shots at short distances and precise shots at longer distances. Reticle in the first focal plane, 34 mm central barrel and lockable target – there is nothing left to be desired. 

Telescopic sight:
GECO Black 1-8x24i Tac
Central barrel diameter:34 mm
Total length:273 mm
Weight:770 g

Recommended retail price:

1,899 euros

The manufacturer’s recommended retail prices all include 19% VAT (as of: February 23, 2017).

More information about the new GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black telescopic sights can be found directly on the GECO brand website.

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