GECO Optics new for 2018

GECO presented ten new products in their optics segment at the IWA Show 2018. Whether you are a hunter, a sport shooter, a nature observer or a nature enthusiast – the new products offer something for everyone. Here you will find an overview of the newest products with the most important information, the specs and, of course, the prices.

GECO binoculars: 8x56 and 10x56

GECO 8x56 binoculars
The GECO 8x56 and 10x56 binoculars ensure powerful images even into darkness.

New for the observation optics are GECO’s 8x56 and 10x56 binoculars with 8 or 10 power magnification and a 56-millimeter lens diameter. As with all GECO binoculars, these are both available in matt black and have a magnesium housing. The large field of view and the large exit pupil guarantee relaxed spotting and a broad view. The high transmission values ensure light and high-contrast images into deep dusk. 

Specs: GECO 8x56 and 10x56

Length:192 mm192 mm
Weight: 1,200 g1,200 g
Field of view (m/100):129114
Exit pupil:75.6
Close setting:2.32.5
Price:699 euro749 euro

GECO and GECO Black riflescopes

GECO and GECO Black have new models of rifle scopes for both hunting and sporting.

GECO 3-12x56 / 3-12x56i: details and specs

GECO 3-12x56 riflescope
The 4x zoom 3-12x56/56i riflescopes have a central tube diameter of 30 mm.

The classic all-rounder with 4x zoom is first and foremost designed for hunting from a blind and at night. Thanks to the 56-millimeter lens diameter, high transmission and illuminated reticle, this rifle scope allows for precise acquisition even in darkness or adverse light conditions. 

Diameter:30 mm30 mm
Length:340 mm340 mm
Weight:674 g674 g
Field of view (m/100):12.5–3.0
Price:599 euro899 euro

GECO 1-5x24i: details and specs

Side view of the GECO 1-5x24i riflescope
The high optical performance of the GECO 1-5x24i rifle scope is impressive.

The 1-5x24i rifle scope is the perfect companion on driven hunts. Thanks to the 5x zoom, quick shots at long distances are no problem. In addition, due to the wide field of view, the shooter always has an optimal overview of the hunting ground.

Diameter:30 mm
Length:260 mm
Weight:550 g
Field of view (m/100):


Price:699 euro

GECO 3.5–18x56i: details and specs

GECO 3.5-18x56i riflescope
The 3.5-18x56i rifle scope can be implemented with great flexibility when hunting.

This rifle scope is suited for both close-range and well as far-range shots – regardless of how dark it is outside. Thanks to the large lens diameter and the illuminated reticle, the 3.5-18x56i is also suited for adverse light conditions. The focus of this true all-rounder lies in its flexibility and high optical performance. 

Diameter:30 mm
Length:335 mm
Weight:785 g
Field of view (m/100):11,8-2,2
Price:999 euro

GECO 6-24x50: details and specs

GECO 6-24x50 riflescope
The 6-24x50 riflescope stands out with a brilliant 5x zoom.

The 6-24x50 rifle scope is designed especially for long distances. Due to its high magnification and the GECOtr1 reticle, this rifle scope is perfect for accurate shooting at long distances. The high optical performance ensures that the shooter can make out the finest details – even from afar.

Diameter:30 mm
Length:362 mm
Field of view (m/100):5.6–1.5
Price:999 euro

GECO Black 1-6x24i: details and specs

GECO Black 1-6x24i riflescope
The 1-6x24i is the second model in the GECO Black class.

GECO offers sport shooters the new GECO Black 1-6x24i rifle scope. The little brother of the 1-8x24i rifle scope, it has a central tube diameter of 30 mm and is significantly more compact and practical to handle. With its field of view measuring 38 m and a horseshoe reticle in the first focal plane, this rifle scope is perfectly designed for dynamic shooting

Diameter:30 mm
Length:269 mm
Field of view (m/100):38.0–6.3
Price:1,599 euro

GECO reflex sights: Open Red Dot Sight and MultiDot

Side view of the GECO Open Red Dot Sight
The Open Red Dot Sight is an exceptionally compact, lightweight but also robust reflex sight.
GECO MultiDot reflex sight 
The MultiDot can be used with 8 different reticles.

Aside from the rifle scopes and binoculars, GECO has also launched two new reflex sights on the market: the Open Red Dot Sight and the MultiDot.

The GECO Open Red Dot Sight with its open field of view is the optimal companion on driven hunts for targets at short and medium distances with intuitive target acquisition. The fine 2 MOA dot is adjustable to six brightness levels. The glass lens of the compact reflex sight is specially coated, scratch-resistant and prevents reflections. The battery can be replaced through the side compartment even when mounted. This is possible on all bases with the help of commercially available mounting adapters.

The robust GECO MultiDot is exceedingly versatile and can be implemented in many situations due to its 8 different reticles (3 or 10 MOA dot, circle dot, etc.). The reticles can be switched between green or red without having to zero in again. The reflex sight has 5 brightness settings. Additionally, the MultiDot possesses an integrated quick-release mount that allows for fast mounting on Weaver/Picatinny rails. The battery on this model can also be accessed when it is mounted. 

Model:Open Red Dot SightMultiDot
Length:46 mm95 mm
Diameter:30 mm260 mm
Reticles: 2 MOA dotChangeable reticle with 8 different reticles
Price:€249.00199 euro

Additional info about innovations in optics can be found on GECO’s website.

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