GECO and GECO Gold: binoculars designed for the hunter

Bioculars by GECO: The product of a long tradition. With its GECO and GECO Gold series, the brand introduces two new lines of optics at the popular hunting, shooting and outdoor sports exhibition IWA 2017 in Nürnberg. The brand new models are tailored to meet the demands of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, offering reliable mechanics as well as superior optical quality at reasonable prices. Thus, GECO completes their lineup ranging from entry level optics up to the premium segment. Of course, attention was paid to every little detail making these optics capable companions during a hunt or a hike. 

New from GECO: binoculars for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts

GECO binoculars on a GECO ammunition packaging
The GECO binoculars are the entry-level models. All binoculars have a tripod connector.

The new binoculars by GECO introduce quality optics at an ecomical price. High quality materials like magnesium cases are combined with an ergonomic design leading to robust and light devides with superior optics. 

These optics are based on a low dispersion ED-glass and multilayer antireflection coatings leading to superior characteristics including an enormous field of view, high optical clarity, excellent light transmission as well as a short minimum focus distance. All models are fitted with a tripod adapter and come with a carrying strap as well as a hardcase

The binoculars GECO 8x32 and GECO 10x32 are the ideal companion for almost any situation. They are compact light, easy to carry and exhibit superior picture quality under good light conditions. GECO additionally offers two versions better adapted at low light conditions. The GECO 8x42 as well as 10x42 do not compromise when it comes to field of vision and provide, thanks to the multi-layer GECObright coating, a sharp picture during dusk and dawn. 

Binocular::GECO 8x32GECO  10x32GECO  8x42GECO 10x42
379,- Euro399,- Euro429,- Euro449,- Euro

GECO Gold binoculars: exceptional optics

GECO gold-Line binoculars are top of the line optical devices. They excel at light transmission, field of view, image clarity, brightness of colors and close focus. HD-glass, state of the art multi-layered optical coatings and an advanced optical lens design are just some of the features included. The hydrophobic GECOdrop coating repels water as well as dirt. The diopter adjustment is located at the central focusing wheel. Their robust yet ergonomic design combined with minimum weight makes the CECO Gold binoculars an ideal choice for hunters in the field. 

GECO Gold 12,5x50 binocular for hunting
The GECO Gold 12,5x50 binocular is the largest in the lineup.

The GECO gold 8x42 and GECO gold 10x42 models incorporate compact design and low weight with exceptional optical qualities. Whatever your hunting requirements, the short close focus will allow you to see details even at shortest range. 

In contrast, the GECO Gold 8,5x50 and GECO Gold 10x50 as well as 12,5x50 are designed for long range observation of game. They do not just offer a wide field of view. The combination of large exit pupil and HD-glass permit use in low light environments while still delivering a sharp and bright picture. In summary: an impressive and unforgettable sight

GECO does not compromise concerning quality and performance and offers a fair price at the same time. To underscore this, the GOLD series binoculars are warrantied for 10 years. They do come with a carry strap, hardcase and tripod attachment. 

Binocular:GECO Gold
979,- Euro999,- Euro1.199,- Euro1.249,- Euro1.299,- Euro

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