Blaser Infinity: three new riflescopes for hunters

Blaser has developed three riflescopes especially tailored to the requirements of hunting.

Blaser Infinity riflescope on hunting rifle
The Blaser Infinity riflescope range is made up of three models.

The three new models of the “Infinity” line are the Blaser Infinity 1-7x28 iC (ideal for optimum overview and rapid target acquisition), the Blaser Infinity 2.8-20x50 iC (an all-rounder suited for mountain hunting, stalking or sitting game) and the Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 iC, with excellent light gathering characteristics in deep twilight or at night.

Features of Blaser Infinity riflescopes

The Blaser Inifinity riflescopes are tuned for use in the field. Offering the innovative Swiss phase grating technology, the reticle bars are, even at high magnifications, very fine and make a low subtension of the reticle possible. 

Blaser Infinity riflescope mounted on hunting rifle
All Blaser Infinity riflescopes are equipped with an illumination control sensor that "communicate" with Blaser's rifles.
Blaser Infinity 1-7x28 iC riflescope
The Blaser Infinity 1–7x28 iC offers a true 1x magnification, ideal for optimum overview and rapid target acquisition.

The iC stands for Illumination Control - a sensor in the riflescope for the illuminated dot. Every Blaser Infinity riflescope and now every Blaser R8 bolt action rifle comes standard with this sensor. It detects the position of the cocking slide and thus automatically ensures that the illuminated dot is switched on and off.

The reticle in the Infinity riflescopes is in the first focal plane. This way the point of impact cannot be changed when switching magnification due to the special technical design and hunters can also easily estimate range.

The reticle adjustment, the Quick Distance Control, of the Blaser Infinity riflescopes 2.8-20x50 iC and 4-20x50 iC provides an easy and quick elevation adjustment. It is highly precise and at the same time robust mechanics guarantee a consistently reliable repeat accuracy. A unique feature is the possibility to fix the two adjustments “zeroed ” and GEE (4 cm high with a rifle that is zeroed at 100m). This makes an unintentional adjustment impossible. Nevertheless hunters can easily make windage or elevations  adjustments with just one twist of the hand.

IVD, the Intelligent Variable Dot

Blaser Infinity 2,8-20x50 iC riflescope
The Blaser INFINITY 2.8–20x50 iC is an all-rounder suited for mountain hunting, stalking or sitting game
Blaser Infinity 4-20x58 iC riflescope
Compared to riflescopes featuring a 56 mm objective lens diameter, the Blaser Infinity 4–20x58 iC provide an additional light yield of 7%. This allows use of a higher magnification with better detail recognition in deep twilight or at night.

The Blaser Infinity riflescopes offer another ingenious feature: the Intelligent Variable Dot (IVD) which is an automatically activated illuminated dot for driven hunts. At low power of magnification, 4x and lower, the illuminated dot is larger in size and ideal for fast moving game providing ideal situational awareness and intuitive target acquisition. 

The Blaser Infinity riflescopes will be available from retailers in spring 2018 at prices ranging from 2,585 euro for the Blaser Infinity 1-7x28 iC to 3,285 Euro for the Blaser Infinity 2.8-20x50 iC and 4-20x58 iC.

Blaser Infinity Zielfernrohr auf R8 Success
Blaser R8 with the new Blaser Infinity riflescope - a perfect combination.

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