UMAREX ARX ammo for muzzleloaders

Besides a variety of airguns, e.g. UMAREX Gauntlet PCP, UMAREX USA came to the major weapons expo SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas to present a new ammunition line. The revolutionary ARX ammunition has emerged from a collaboration between UMAREX and PolyCase Ammunition, an ammo manufacturer from the US. ARX by UMAREX is suitable for muzzleloaders and large-caliber airguns that are also used specifically for hunting purposes in the US.

The bullet on top of the UMAREX ARX ammunition has more or less the same precision-manufactured design as the RUGER ARX ammo. So far, so obvious, as this projectile also came to life in the development labs at PolyCase Ammunition. The UMAREX ARX models are made of a polymer/copper blend with striking grooves.

The new UMAREX ARX ammunition: structure

The patented PolyCase ARX technology used in the ammunition acts as a force multiplier. The kinetic energy acting on the projectile is dispersed forwards and laterally. The grooves make the ARX bullets spin to stabilize its trajectory. The non-expanding bullet transfers this energy to its target unchecked. 

Ammunition for muzzleloaders, the UMAREX ARX
Ammunition for muzzleloaders: The UMAREX ARX is available in a number of calibers.

The ARX high-velocity flat shot bullet ARX delivers outstanding performance in large-caliber airguns when combined with the UMAREX SpeedBand or SpeedBelt polymer sabots. These polymer sabots are designed specifically to hold ARX bullets, guiding the projectile through the barrel of muzzleloaders.

UMAREX SpeedBand and SpeedBelt sabots: calibers

The UMAREX SpeedBand sabots were developed for use with ARX bullets in the calibers .357, .40 and .45, while the UMAREX SpeedBelt sabots fit ARX bullets in the caliber.50. The UMAREX ARX with SpeedBelt in caliber .50 is suitable for more than just muzzleloaders, and can also be used together with the new large-caliber .50 UMAREX Hammer airgun.

How the UMAREX ARX ammunition works

The polymer-formulation sabot creates a powerful seal in barrel lands and grooves, blocking the passage of air to swiftly drive the projectile down the barrel. When UMAREX ARX exits the muzzle, captive air pressure on the polymer sabot forces release of the high velocity, lightweight ARX projectile.

UMAREX is creating a whole new generation of hunting ammunition for muzzleloaders with the special ARX ammo by PolyCase Ammunition. UMAREX ARX is now on sale in the US. It is not known if and when this special ammunition will be released on the European market.

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