RWS Innovations 2017: 10.3 × 68 Magnum and Speed Tip Professional

“Progress is unstoppable, yet it is worth taking a look into the past, since it is not without reason that what is tried and tested is often developed and preserved over generations. It is therefore really interesting when a new idea emerges out of traditional solutions combined with progress, creating completely new horizons and possibilities.” Product manager Hannes Dikhoff spoke these words as he presented the brand new rifle caliber 10.3 × 68 Mag., by RWS, at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017.

RWS 10.3 x 68 Magnum
The new hunting ammunition RWS 10.3 x 68 Magnum was presented to the journalists at RWS Shooting Day 2017.

The 10.3 mm bullet diameter is not new – several hunting dynasties have shot with the 10.3 × 60R caliber for over 150 years now. Yet as time progressed the modern hunter came to face increasing demands when hunting abroad, when taking long-distance shots in the mountains and in high stopping power on movement hunts, which all pushed the caliber to the limits. 

RWS quickly realized that an increase in the performance of the solid hunting cartridge was needed.

RWS 10.3 × 68 Magnum – The new dimension

Packaging of the 10.3×68 Magnum
The new RWS 10.3 × 68 Magnum is available as lead-free EVO Green or Speed Tip Professional.

The resourceful developers at RWS put the 10.3 mm diameter bullet into a 68 casing: what emerged was the basic concept of the 10.3 × 68 caliber.

By reducing the length of the casing to 68 mm, they created the basis of a very balanced, reliable cartridge with a unique range of possible bullet weights between 11 g and 26 g. Depending on the requirements, its performance range lies between a 30-06 Spring. and a .416 Rem. Moreover, it can be shot with ease according to the bullet weight.

The large bullet cross-section provides up to 81% more stopping power in contrast to the conventional medium-caliber with comparable recoil characteristics. The high operating surface also guarantees the known shotgun slug effect and reduces the escape reach to a minimum. Not dependent on the speed, the enlarged bullet cross-section ensures an extraordinarily high impact in the game’s body. The effectiveness of this caliber is further increased in combination with a modern bullet structure and can be specifically adapted to any type of game.

Whether for marmots in Austria or for buffalos in Africa, the 10.3 × 68 Mag. is a caliber for everything. No other caliber can implement bullet weights from 11 g to 26 g and cover almost every hunting requirement. No matter whether you plan on staying local or hunting abroad.

The large bullet cross-section, the variable bullet weights and an astounding stopping power with pleasant recoil effects make this caliber unique.

The new RWS caliber 10.3 × 68 Magnum is available with a lead-free EVO Green bullet or as a leaded partial fragmentation Speed Tip Professional bullet.

Prices of centerfire rifle cartridges in 10,3 x 68 Mag. 

Bullet weight 
in g/grs
Content per package
EVO Green13,5 / 2082099,- Euro
SPEED TIP PRO18,5 / 2852097,- Euro

Caliber Extension of the RWS Speed Tip Professional

RWS Speed Tip Professional 
RWS Speed Tip Professional in the caliber .308 Win.
Hunting ammunition RWS Speed Tip Pro in caliber .30-06
The RWS Speed Tip Professional in the caliber .30-06

RWS introduced the Speed Tip Professional bullet in the caliber .338 Lapua Magnum with great success last year at the IWA OutdoorClassics. RWS is now expanding the caliber range of the popular bullet with the .30 caliber.  The .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag. and .30-06 Spring. calibers are being added to the RWS Speed Tip Professional assortment.

The Speed Tip bullet is suitable for both short and long distance shots due to its design. The Speed Tip Professional in the .30 calibers is even reliable at distances of over 300 meters, carrying sufficient energy right to the target; the shock and stopping power is correspondingly high.

Ammunition RWS Speed Tip Pro in the caliber .300 Win. Mag.
RWS Speed Tip Professional in the caliber .300 Win. Mag.

The aerodynamic bullet shape of the RWS Speed Tip Professional ensures low air resistance and allows precise shooting even at long distances. The partial fragmentation bullet is based on the proven RWS H-jacket principle.

The core is constructed of two parts: the slightly softer front core fragments in the game’s body, leading to a high instant impact. The hard, powerful hit-strength core to the rear of the bullet consists of hardened, alloyed lead. The nickel-plated steel jacket also provides for a high dimensional stability of the rest of the body and ensures a safe exit projection even with stronger game.

Prices of the RWS Speed Tip Professional

CaliberBullet weight 
in g/grs
Content per package
.300 Win. Mag.10,7/1652073,- Euro
.30-06 Spring.10,7/165
2071,- Euro
.308 Win.10,7/165
2093,- Euro

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