RWS Special Edition: Unique Handcrafted Rifle Cartridges

Each individual component of the RWS Special Edition is carefully selected and crafted with precision handwork. From primers to caps, powder to bullets—the optimum calibration of components guarantees the highest quality of each individual cartridge.

RWS H-Mantel Geschoss: greatest effectiveness with sought-after preservation of the game’s meat

The H-groove is the special feature of the RWS H-jacket bullet. Shaped as a constriction in the middle of the jacket, it serves as a predetermined breaking point assisting the separation of the two bullet cores. The front part rapidly fragments after impact in the body of the game. The cylindrical tail part of the H-jacket separates at the H-groove and penetrates the body of heavy game. This expedites the desired bullet exit.

The RWS Special Edition is available in a total of eight different hunting calibers: 7×64, 7×65 R, .308 Win., .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., 8×57 IS, 8×75 IRS and 9.3×74 R.

RWS Special Edition: The Personal Touch

RWS Special Edition caliber 7x64
RWS Special Edition with individual engraving in caliber 7x64.

Each individual cartridge can be labeled with a desired name or engraving. Whether it’s for you or a present for a hunting friend, the RWS Special Edition is truly one-of-a-kind with a dignified look!

The 30 RWS Special Edition cartridges in a high-quality wooden box with genuine gold-plated H-Mantel-bullets and ruthened, engraved sleeves are not quite cheap. Each cartridge is handmade and unique with an individual name engraving. The recommended retail price is 429,- Euro. But for that envious glances of your hunting buddies are guaranteed.

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