Rottweil extends the Game Edition line

Presented at the 2018 edition of IWA, the Rottweil Game Edition shotshell series immediately met the favor of hunting enthusiasts. The line consists of a range of cartridges with muzzle velocities and shot loadings tailored for certain species of game. With the Game Edition line Rottweil wants to make available to the specialized hunter an uncompromising cartridge.

Rottweil: the new Game Edition Pheasant and Goose

This year, the Game Edition range widens further thanks to two cartridges previewed at IWA 2018 that will be available starting next May.

The two new cartridges are the Game Edition Pheasant and the Game Edition Goose.

The Rottweil Game Edition series shotshells have an energy distribution diagram optimized for the game they have been developed for: in fact, compared to non-specific cartridges they are able to express a plus of energy at short, medium and long distances. Even visually the cartridges can be immediately distinguished thanks to the dark green plastic hull while the package shows the game to which they are dedicated. So far the line included cartridges dedicated to duck, pigeon, hare and crow hunting. With the addition of the two new products for pheasant and goose hunting it now appears much more complete.

But let's go into details: the Game Edition Pheasant cartridge is a 12 ga with a 2 3/4 in / 67.5 mm long hull. payload is 28 grams of no. 6 lead shot, with a diameter of 2.7 mm. The shotshells are available in packs of 25 pieces.

The Game Edition Goose shotshell is also 12 gauge with a 3 in / 76mm hull (12 Magnum). The payload is 35 grams of no. 4 lead pellet, with a diameter of 3.25 mm. The Goose shotshell is available in 10-piece packs.

With these two "new entries" the Rottweil Game Edition range is now really complete and proposes to the evolved hunter with an even wider range of options.

Rottweil GAME EDITION pheasant packaging
The new Rottweil GAME EDITION pheasant shotgun shells.
Rottweil GAME EDITION goose packaging
The Rottweil GAME EDITION shotshells (here the "goose" version) express a plus of energy at short, medium and long distances.

Rottweil GAME EDITION shotshell cartridges: technical data

Gauge:12/67.5 (2 3/4 in)
12/76 (3 in)
Shot size:2.7 mm3.25 mm
Shot No.:64
Load weight:28 g35 g
Shot material:LeadSoft iron
Package content:2510
Price (RRP):11.90 euro6.20 euro

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