GECO ZERO .30-06 lead-free rifle cartridge: user test

In September 2005 I had the opportunity to hunt in a new area. There was one main condition, however: lead-free ammunition. This was not really an issue, since my weapon had already fired lead-free ammunition in the past. The problem was that those cartridges were no longer available at that time and all the remaining inventory was used up, so I had to change.

After talking to my gunsmith about it, we decided to use the lead-free ammunition from GECO in the .30-06 caliber. 

GECO.30-06 ZERO Lead-Free Rifle Cartridge User Test
GECO ZERO is a hunting load with a lead-free bullet with high effectiveness and precision for all types of game.
GECO.30-06 ZERO Lead-Free Rifle Cartridge User Test
GECO ZERO is the name of the lead-free rifle cartridge from GECO. It features great accuracy and outstanding instantaneous effectiveness.

The GECO ZERO .30-06 Cartridges: the test

GECO.30-06 ZERO Lead-Free Rifle Cartridge User Test
The GECO ZERO rifle cartridge in the practice test on the hunt.

At the time, the GECO ZERO was the latest development from GECO. The cartridge is characterized by the best precision and outstanding instantaneous effectiveness – and all that in a lead-free round.

The highly innovative jacketed bullet includes two tin cores and a hollow-point design.

The front core releases most of the energy upon impact with the body of the animal. The rear core forms a stable slug with the jacket to penetrate and create an exit wound. 

When it comes to the design of the lead-free cartridge, three things are particularly noteworthy:

  1. GECO Performance Point: for precision and sure response.
  2. Front core made from tin with radially extending breaking point: for sure response and high instantaneous effect
  3. Rear cannelure: for a mass-stable body and certain exit wound.
GECO.30-06 ZERO Lead-Free Rifle Cartridge User Test
The design of the GECO ZERO .30-06 bullet. See text for details

For me as forest and bolt-action hunter, it is really important to go hunting with a cartridge that I can rely on. I have had nothing but good experiences with the GECO ZERO .30-06 8.G so far.

The hunting season is coming to a close, and as of yet I haven’t had to track down any animals that I’ve shot. Only in two instances have I had walk about 30 m to find the dead animal, since the location of my shot wasn’t ideal. 

That was a 50 kg boar and my stalked buck.

GECO ZERO .30-06 Lead-Free Rifle Cartridge: conclusion

I have no criticisms of lead-free ammunition. A poor shot means you are going to have to track down the animal, no matter if you use lead or not. When it comes down to taking the shot, it just works, no matter if I’m hunting small predators or hoofed game.

The ammunition is available everywhere. I buy it from my gunsmith with confidence.

You can access the GECO website directly here, along with the entire product range of rifle cartridges.

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