ELEY Hi-Flyer, versatility on the field

The ELEY Hi-Flyer shotshell cartridge is a truely universal field ammunition, encompassing all aspects of game and vermin control. No other product range offers as wide a variety of shot and wad variations, with the ability to suit all side by sides, over and unders - and still also function flawlessly with semi automatic shotguns.


Loaded with the unique CSB 2 powder in a 67 mm case configuration, and with a full range of loads from 28, 30 and 32 gram, fibre and plastic wad these have been used by game shooters, pest controllers, rough shooters to great effect on all vermin, game and ground game.

ELEY Hi-Flyer ammunition is also available in 20 gauge with a 28 gram pellet load. Ideal for game and rough shooting, this flexible cartridge in it’s unique 67 mm case works in all gun types. A true all-rounder cartridge, with power and performance to match.The bright coloured case is easy to spot and makes picking up spent shells effortless.

For more information visit the Eley Hawk Ltd website.

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