RWS HIT lead-free and mass-stable. A comparison with the RWS EVO bullet

The German ammunition manufacturer RWS presented its new HIT bullet to the international media at a press event in Ulfborg (Denmark) just a few weeks ago, where it provided an extremely vivid demonstration of what sets it apart from other RWS bullets – here in a comparison with the RWS EVOLUTION. The team from reported from the field.

The following .30 calibres have been on sale internationally since the start of October: .30-06 and .300 Win. Mag. Other calibres will follow in the coming weeks and months

A comparison with the current standard hunting bullet from RWS, the EVOLUTION, is particularly interesting

Here is the comparison between the RWS EVOLUTION and RWS HIT bullets:

Comparison RWS EVOLUTION bullets and the new lead-free RWS HIT bullet
Presentation of the different functions of the RWS EVOLUTION bullets and the new lead-free RWS HIT bullet


The diagram provides an extremely vivid impression of the shape of wound cavities of game in a variety of different game weight classes, simulated using ballistic soap. For instance, the rapid response of the excellently balanced RWS EVOLUTION, the company’s top seller, makes it well-suited to lighter game weighing less than 50 kg. But still the new lead-free, mass-stable RWS HIT bullet betters EVOLUTION’S outstanding deep impact, setting new standards on heavy game above 50 kg especially. We see this in the orange ‘HIT Plus’ entries in the diagram above.

RWS HIT hunting ammunition

Manufacturer’s warning for the RWS HIT:

Please do not fire this bullet from polygon barrels; doing so may produce an uncontrolled rise in barrel pressure

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