Zamberlan Hunter Pro hunting boots: the field test

We’ve trekked for kilometers over dramatically different grounds and terrain conditions in the Swedish Lapland wearing the Zamberlan Hunter Pro boot.

From the low hills areas, where Lapp tundra is often characterized by bogs and swamps, we have climbed forests with rocky and intricate undergrowth. We’ve climbed to hunt Rock ptarmigans on the glaciers. And in all this, it never happened that our boots gave way on the slippery wet rocks, often covered with ice.

Zamberlan Hunter Pro boots specs

Zamberlan Hunter Pro hunting boot
The Zamberlan Hunter Pro boots, thanks to their tall upper shafts and materials used, protect the hunter and allow for a comfortable mountain hunting experience.

Esthetically attractive and carefully hand crafted in Italy, the Hunter Pro boots manufactured by Zamberlan are ideal footwear for mountain hunting.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, but stable thanks to their tall upper shafts, these boots protect the hunter even in the most difficult trails, conveying a feeling of safety and comfort.

Mountain hunting is a pleasure if our gear and accessories allow us to go on for long hours without becoming an annoyance or a problem; gear reliability and safety in our trek will then keep us alert and focused on the actions of our hunting dogs and the environment around us, without feeling fatigued or worse yet, subject to the injury of a sprained ankle.

Materials used in the Zamberlan Hunter Pro boots

Hunting boot on a wood log
The Hydrobloc treatment of the full-grain upper waterproofs the Hunter Pro boot, and at the same time it allows it to breathe.

The Hunter Pro model includes a 2.4 / 2.6mm thick, waxed full-grain upper with Hydrobloc treatment for maximum water resistance.

An innovative rubber protection system developed by the Italian company ensures maximum protection against scuffing and scratches from rocks, spines and brambles and lessens the wear on the upper, preserving original waterproofness. The boot also keeps its shape longer.

The GORE-TEX-INSULATED COMFORT INSOLE with its remarkable waterproof and breathable properties is ideal for cold weather and for wintertime activities.

Hunter in the Tundra
We have dealt with a broad range of different environments with the Zamberlan Hunter Pro boots, from tundra to forests to rocky peaks in the mountains.

Thanks to the Zamberlan Air System, a proprietary padding system built out of selected materials expertly engineered, optimizes the comfort of the boot and its perspiration specs while keeping  weight down: the Hunter Pro boot weighs only 870g.

The replaceable Comfort Fit anatomical foot arch support is structured on a three-layer laminate of different materials: a closed-cell PE base with damping effect, an intermediate layer of latex foam and a polyester fabric that absorbs moisture, dries quickly and offers a high abrasion resistance. In our experience, it gives good cushioning effect and comfort.

The Zamberlan Flex GT polypropylene insole is designed specifically for the lightweight GORE-TEX bootwear line, providing good support and allowing for the right foot flexibility to allow it to perform its natural movement while walking.

Toebox and heel are made of thermoformed plastic material shaped to protect the foot. It is advisable to regularly treat Zamberlan shoes with Hydrobloc cream, to maintain the high performance of the leather over time.

Boot on rock
The Hunter Pro boot’s padding system and Zamberlan sole in Vibram ensure weatherproofing and comfort.

The sole of the boot is Zamberlan Vibram, with excellent grip and durability performance, with wide support, broad mudguards with self-cleaning action, and large lugs positioned for maximum traction, stability and durability.

Footgrip is also high on the most irregular terrain; both in climbing and descending, during sudden stops and jumps, the damping effect of the soles is excellent.

But, as images and video speak louder than (written) words, in support of our considerations please enjoy our video test in the heart of  the hunting action, in the wild Lappish territories with Zamberlan Hunter Pro boots.

For more information on the Hunter Pro hunting boots, visit the Zamberlan website.

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