SHOTHUNT Wireless, the earplugs for driven hunt

Hunting with a group of friends can often be the most memorable way to live our passion for hunting. In many cases though it can be more of a necessity, an essential aspect of the hunting technique used for certain types of driven game. 

A driven hunt can involve vast areas, and this can put a considerable distance between one hunter and the next in an attempt to cover whichever trail the game might take when trying to escape the drive. Continuous and effective communication is vital for both the safety of the hunters and the success of the hunt. 

Another important aspect is the way in which we communicate, and this should be done as silently as possible to prevent spooking shrewd and elusive game like boars, hares or foxes, with their acute sense of hearing.

SHOTHUNT Wireless earplugs for driven boar hunting

SHOTHUNT Wireless earplugs with a two-way transmitter
SHOTHUNT Wireless earplugs, with a magnetic loop that can transmit radio and two-way transmitter signals, allows to listen to and communicate with your fellow hunters.
Hunter using SHOTHUNT earplugs
A hunter using SHOTHUNT Wireless earplugs is protected from the noise of the shot, can listen to the noises of the woods and follow the hunt as he’s always connected to his fellow hunters.

All hunters on the driven hunt have radios and two-way transmitters in order to coordinate their movements during the various phases of the hunt. SHOTHUNT has designed its latest earplugs so hunters can continuously communicate and listen in comfort without the risk of distractions taking their mind off the hunt. 

The SHOTHUNT Wireless model is the second hunting version and follows the Standard model, with which it shares the hearing protection feature, reducing the noise produced by shots to 32 decibels and letting you adjust the volume in order to listen to your surroundings.

You can also receive and send transmissions by using the magnetic induction neckloop supplied. 

Placing the comfortable neckloop, consisting of a magnetic coil, around the neck creates a magnetic flow that transfers the signal from the source (two-way transmitter, radio or mobile phone) directly to the SHOTHUNT Wireless earplugs, amplifying the signal and converting it into sound. 

Boar in the woods
On a driven hunt, it’s essential to be able to clearly hear sounds in the woods and communicate without making a lot of noise to avoid spooking the game and to be ready to take the shot.

To communicate, just press the PTT button and speak towards the microphone built into the button. 

Thanks to these earplugs, which weigh just 1 gram and are practically unnoticeable in your ears, you’ll be instantly in touch with your fellow hunters and your hearing will be protected when taking the shot, without anything getting in the way of your movements or shooting. 

Every radio or mobile phone has a specific jack, so let us know which model you’ll be using in order to purchase the magnetic neckloop with the right jack.

All the internal electronic components of the SHOTHUNT earplugs are water-repellent so they’ll continue to function safely protected from water, damp, sweat and corrosion.

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