SHOTHUNT earplugs; enhance and protect your hearing on the hunt or shooting platform

Three different models of electronic hearing protectors 
Three different models of electronic hearing protectors garantee the increase the perception of sound and the protection hunters’ and shooters’ hearing from the potentially harmful noise of shots fired.

Hunters and shooters both young and old took turns in the test booth at the SHOTHUNT stand in Nuremberg.

Some wanted to test the effectiveness of the hearing protectors while others were particularly interested in the sound-enhancing feature.

SHOTHUNT personnel demonstrated how the SHOTHUNT electronic hearing protectors provide an effective solution and meet both these requirements. 

This line of products features three different solutions; the SHOTHUNT PBS earplugs for target shooting, the SHOTHUNT Standard model for hunters and the SHOTHUNT Wireless that lets hunters communicate using radios, walkie-talkies and mobile phones.

SHOTHUNT PBS for sport shooting

The SHOTHUNT PBS is characterised by its blue colour and helps shooters on the platform concentrate during training sessions and trials, shooting in total comfort without anything getting in the way. This model in fact instantly and automatically dampens harmful noise, guaranteeing exceptional protection against acoustic trauma from shots and prolonged noise, while faithfully reproducing the natural sound of the environment in high fidelity. 

It has a mod 10 zinc-air battery that gives you an autonomy of around 140 hours of continuous use, and there’s a button to change between three different listening programmes:

Programme 1: No amplification to concentrate and isolate external sounds
Programme 2: light amplification to give you a natural listening and talking experience

Programme 3: High amplification for enhanced hearing of sounds in the surrounding environment.

All programmes feature 32dB (SNR) harmful noise dampening.

SHOTHUNT Standard for hunting

This model is available in two colours (brown or orange).

It’s powered by a 312 battery, which gives it an autonomy of about 220 hours of continuous use. It has a potentiometer to easily adjust the amplification of low intensity background sound or sounds that are difficult for the ear to pick up, such as the movements of game or bird song, improving listening volume. The 360° coverage makes it easier to identify sounds, using the position of the beeper or bell for those hunting with pointers or a fellow hunter. 

Their ease of use and incredible light weight (1 gram) makes it easy to forget you’re wearing these earplugs on a walked-up hunt. The 32dB harmful noise dampening is greater than any other electronic earplug on the market.

SHOTHUNT Wireless for hunters

Designed to interface with radios, walkie-talkies and mobile phones, this model is available in the same two colours, brown and orange

The characteristic features of the Standard model remain unchanged, but the Wireless also offers the functionality to receive and send transmissions thanks to the magnetic induction neckloop supplied.

When you place the neckloop around your neck, it generates an invisible magnetic field that transfers the signal from the source (walkie-talkie, radio or mobile phone) directly to the magnetic coil (T-coil) in the SHOTHUNT earplugs. The signal is then amplified and converted into sound by the Wireless earplugs. To talk, all you have to do is press the PTT button and speak into the microphone built into the button.

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