New Beretta women’s hunting clothing line

At the IWA 2017 trade fair, one of the many new releases in the hunting and shooting world presented by Beretta that many people were talking about was a new technical hunting clothing line for women.

Why do women with a passion for hunting, and yes luckily there are some in this world, often have to adapt to wearing technical clothing that isn’t specifically designed to fit the female form; clothing that isn’t really suitable for a woman’s hunting style?

Beretta came up with an answer to this dilemma with their new collection, so women can live their passion to the full, in style.

They have designed an outfit specifically for hunting from a hide, one that therefore keeps you warm and protects the hunter from the cold and damp during those long waits that this type of hunt entails, as well as a lighter, softer ensemble of jacket and trousers designed to guarantee the hunter all the necessary comfort on those challenging days out on a walked-up hunt. 

Every single garment is designed to be resistant and waterproof thanks to the use of materials such as Gore-Tex. 

Technology and research combined in a new design that emphasizes the line of the female form. Another essential feature of this technical wear is its ability to maintain body temperature yet be breathable at the same time thanks to the specific characteristics of the materials used, which is extremely important when outdoors where the weather can change quickly, and you can start sweating when on the move. 

Starting with a snug fleece designed to fit the female form, all the garments in the line are compatible with the Beretta Interactive system jacket, which is very light and waterproof, offering another layer over both outfits for walked-up hunting or when hunting from a hide.

The new collection for the next hunting season will be available from July in Beretta points of sale and gunshops, while the wool/linen blend spring/summer jackets and outfits, ideal for hunting in milder weather, are already in the shops. With this collection, the gunmaker from Gardone (Italy) continues to offer female hunters a touch of elegance on traditional hunts like a drive.

For more information on the new Beretta women’s hunting clothing line, visit the Beretta website. 

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