Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat (Atletic Dog plus al cavallo): high energy and quick recovery

There are certain environments and game that really put both hunter and dogs to the test; it’s the price you pay for the thrill this passion is sure to bring. 

It’s especially true when hunting in the mountains, where the dogs will be moving over steep and uneven terrain for hours on end with constant stress put on muscles and joints, requiring a good dose of strength and stamina. 

Then there's boar hunting, where the hounds when tracking and especially when they pick up the scent burn a lot of energy in bursts of speed and long chases through the thick brush and dense vegetation. In some unfortunate cases, the dogs may even be injured by a wiry, aggressive boar, which can result in the loss of blood and even put the dog’s life in danger. 

Boar hunting
Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat helps tired or injured dogs recover, and it’s also ideal for nursing bitches or any dog that will be hunting difficult game in a challenging environment.

Hunting woodcock can be hard on the dogs too as they have to face not only fatigue, but also harsh temperatures and wet weather, where they burn a lot more energy to keep warm. 

To meet the needs of our valued hunting companions, Necon Pet Food has developed Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat in its high energy line. 

18% horse meat meal is one of the raw materials that makes this product ideal for dogs who must maintain peak physical performance. 

As horse meat is known to increase the number of red blood cells, it notably increases resistance to fatigue by improving the oxygenation of muscle tissue. 

The capacity to dispose of excess lactic acid lets dogs wind-down and recover quickly after intense activity. Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat is also ideal for weak dogs in general and nursing bitches. We recommend giving the dog the food dry, and leaving as much water as the dog wants to drink. Doses can be reduced due to the high quality of the raw materials used and the high protein content. We recommend 10 grams of feed per kg of body weight.

A bag of Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat 
Atletic Dog Plus with horse meat (Atletic Dog Plus al cavallo) is available in 15 kg and 5 kg bags.


Meat and meat by-products (Horse meat min. 18%), cereals (maize, rice, durum wheat feed flour), oils and fats, vegetable products, beet pulp, fish meal, yeast, minerals, chondroitin 85 mg/kg, glucosamine 85 mg/kg

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