Hunting and gun dogs: High Energy to start the season

The alarm goes off long before dawn, and has been doing so for some weeks now, you have started to get your wind back and your muscles are in tone again. For us and our 4-legged hunting companions it is time for training and time to prepare for the day we have all been waiting for, the first day of the hunting season.

There will be many other such days, perhaps even more tiring and bringing even bigger thrills, but getting off to a good start is fundamental for every hunter who wants to feel that primordial thrill of delight that coming face-to-face with game flushed out by your dog is sure to bring.

Over hills and through valleys, cultivated fields to explore, with tenacious perseverance and attention to even the smallest details, for as long as our legs will last. It can still be hot in September, so it is important to take a break every now and then and give water to the dogs. 

A bag of Atletic Dog food 
Atletic Dog Alta Energia (High Energy), the ideal product for giving our dogs all the energy they need for sustained physical activity, so they can recover as quickly as possible during the hunting season.

As for the dogs’ diet, if you want them fit and ready to recover after a long and tiring hunt, Necon Pet Food Atletic Dog Alta Energia (High Energy) is an extremely effective solution. Rich in protein, with just the right amount of fat and calories, it helps your dogs recover and keeps them in shape for the next hunt, with just a small daily portion. 

The raw materials are carefully selected and processed to keep the organoleptic properties intact, so 10 grams/day per kg of weight is all the dog will need. 

This helps make the product very easy to digest and helps the dog assimilate the nutrients. 

Correct gastrointestinal function means a dog brimming with energy, fluid in its movements with an optimal body/weight ratio. Atletic Dog Alta Energia (High Energy) feed is suitable for all dogs with no known health conditions during periods of intense physical activity. 

The product should preferably be given to the dog dry and is available in 5 kg or 20 kg bags, at your nearest point-of-sale or on order delivered directly to your door by courier.

For more information, please visit the Atletic Dog website.

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