Atletic Dog, food for champion hunting and sporting dogs

For almost 30 years Necon of Brescia has worked with hunting and sporting dogs with love and passion: Initially with the distribution of the market’s best brands for everything concerning accessories and foods; and then with the creation of its own specific range, which is today considered a top-of-the-range higher-quality food, and is highly technical, produced with extreme hunting and trial dogs in mind.

Atletic Dog

But let’s be clear: it’s not that Andrea Conforti and his father consider the other brands to be “lightweight”! They are merely proud and self-assured individuals dedicated to the cult of perfection and nothing less, with an added penchant for entrepeneurship. This is why the people of these lands have a worldwide reputation for superior hunting...

For we are here in the midst of Gardone’s great tradition for arms, the same cult for quality and attention to detail, the same dedication to excellence that has made the Brescia district nothing short of a sanctuary for hunting culture worldwide, from Gardone to Marcheno via Flero, where Atletic Dog is based…

Atletic Dog

Pure Energy

This is Atletic’s slogan and it’s not just an advertising gimmick: on the contrary!

Let’s take a look at energy: everything in the various formulas has been studied to assure your dog – whatever task it is involved in – the maximum energy required so that it can do its work to the best of its ability, with the plus of giving it everything it needs to maintain the best possible ratio between weight and power over time.

To be clear, we are speaking here of a range of products that can guarantee dogs are NEVER overweight or weighed down by heavy digestion; dogs with powerful muscles, able to store as much energy and glycogen as possible, which can be put to work on long hunting expeditions or in explosive races across the world.

All supported by an impressive skeletal architecture and by perfectly efficient internal organs and blood vessels, thanks to balanced (and extremely high-quality) doses of supplements and additives.

Let’s now take a look at the purity of the raw materials used, which are of exceptional quality, are biologically sound, and are processed under hygienic working conditions.This enables us to produce a state-of-the-artrange of technical foods for working dogs (and other breeds, of course).

Indeed, if a product proves successful with dogs required to at a consistently high level, imagine how much good it could do a less active dog.

Natural products with practically no chemical additives can benefit all dogs, sporty or not: we don’t call it ‘pure’ for nothing! 

The Range

Our extansive range offers a series of tried-and-tested products which cater to the physiologies of specific breeds of hunting dog.

Atletic Dog Alta Energia, is one of Necon’s must-haves and is offered in 20 kg bags. Perfectly balanced for intensively active dogs, it contains a high proportion of protein and fats derived mainly from pigs raised in Italy. Perfect for retrievers and pointers, boarhounds or trial dogs when carrying out intense activity.

Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Alta Energia
Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Light
Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Puppy

Atletic Dog Light, is sold in 20 kg bags. It has the same characteristics as the Alta Energia but with smaller quantities of protein and fats. To be used during the summer break as the dogs relax and recuperate, or fed to older, castrated dogs (including bitches) and dogs tending towards obesity.

Atletic Dog Puppy, is also sold in a practical and cost-cutting 20 kg bag. This product is designed especially for pregnant bitches, those nursing puppies, and for puppies up to the age of 8-10 months.

Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Plus with horsemeat

Atletic Dog Plus with horsemeat, comes in in 15 kg bags. With its 35% protein contentderived from horse meat, and its high proportion of fat from pure rectified pork lard, this is the ideal product for dogs undergoing repeated sessions of intense, prolonged exercise in extreme climates and terrain! Takewater dogs working on hunting trips outside Italy, for example, or mountain dogs at the heart of the season, or boarhounds on cold winter days involved in close working sessions. Additionally this product aids the recovery of wounded dogs or dogs which have been operated on since the horse meat speeds up the production of red blood cells.

Atletic Dog Plus with fish meat: is sold in 15 kg bags. This is the main product for working dogs (the product has high doses of protein and fat) which show some intolerance or allergy to other products.

Atletic Dog maintenance with fish meat, is sold in 20 kg bags. This has the same qualities as the Pesce Plus but with far lower levels of protein and fats, making it specifically useful for maintaining the condition of dogs with allergies and sensitivity to other products. Old dogs may benefit from this product, too.


Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Plus with fish meat
Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog maintenance with horsemeat

Atletic Dog maintenance with horsemeat, is sold in 20 kg bags. This is the ideal product for dogs needing to strengthen their blood during a period of rest or moderate activity (the end of the hunting season, for instance).

Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Lamb & Rice

Atletic Dog Lamb & Rice, comes in 15 kg bags. This is the best available in terms of lamb and rice, a mix that has always been promoted for dogs with particular sensitivity in terms of feeding, or with specific requirements resulting from their age and the rise of digestive and/or liver/dermatological/kidney complaints

Atletic Dog Formulated with garlic, garlic also comes in 15 kg bags. Thanks to the wholly natural insect repellent properties of garlic, this product is perfect for those living in or frequenting areas infested with mosquitos, ticks or other bloodsuckers. This product thus doubles up as anaid (on top of the normal products) for preventing certain harmful canine illnesses and diseases.

Atletic Dog
Atletic Dog Formulated with garlic
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