Hunting and pet dogs: using Atletic Dog food for a support diet

Once again the hunting season is coming to an end; the woods will fall silent and we will no longer march off to adventure with  our dogs by our sides through forest and field. For us and our dogs, this will mark the start of a long period of less intense activity − going off for a walk is far away from the intense rhythm of hunting days, which will soon just be a fond memory. Diet and daily habits will thus have to adapt to this lower level of physical activity.

Necon Pet Food offers an extensive line of dog fodder products, including the Atletic Dog support diet products
When the hunting season, and the intense physical activity this involves, is over, it is time to put our dogs on a maintenance diet

There's still a long time ahead before winter ends, so it will be a good idea to keep our dogs on a high-protein, high-calories diet for a few more weeks, in order to help them withstand the temperature changes before gradually adapting to a lighter diet. A change in nutrition, especially for athletic dogs, is a delicate phase and should be managed carefully to make the transition from high-energy dog food to a support diet without the dog getting run-down or losing its appetite, or suffering from other physiological disorders.

Headquartered in Brescia (northern Italy), the Necon Pet Food company offers the Atletic Dog and High Energy dog fodder lines − providing an excellent, complete and easily digestible diet that we can keep feeding our dogs with until spring begins; the Company also offers a wide range of support products to be used later on during the year. There are many different, specific dog foods ranging from specific products to help our dogs recover after a wearying hunting season in harsh environments, to others dedicated to delicate, inappetent dogs.

Necon Pet Food offers an extensive line of dog fodder products, including the Atletic Dog support diet products
Atletic Dog Cervo & Patate (deer & potatoes) provides just the right amount of protein thanks to the deer content, while the potatoes offer a boost of carbohydrates

Easily digested and assimilated thanks to the select raw content is easy to digest and assimilate thanks to the select raw components − a common denominator in the Company's products − the Necon Pet Food line also takes advantage of an exclusive production process at controlled temperatures that leaves the organoleptic properties of the raw materials intact to offer a healthy, balanced product which sports all its original nutritional value, allowing you to feed your dogs properly with a slightly smaller quantity of product. 

Let's thus take a quick look at the wide range of Atletic Dog products for this season: we'll focus on a summer diet, tailored on higher temperatures, at a later date. 

The latest new product in the maintenance line is called Atletic Dog Cervo e Patate (Deer and Potatoes). It's conceived for adult dogs and formulated to get the most out of the natural taste of deer meat and the carbohydrates' content of potatoes. Deer meat is very tasty − so it is ideal for inappetent dogs or for those that would have troubles digesting other foods − and it is obtained from non-intensive farming methods. Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates and very easy to digest; they are also gluten-free and rich in vitamins and mineral salts. 

Necon Pet Food offers an extensive line of dog fodder products, including the Atletic Dog support diet products
Atletic Dog mantenimento al Cavallo (Horse meat support diet), with more protein and less fat for easy assimilation, helps weaker or inappetent dogs in a quicker recovery

Atletic Dog Mantenimento al Cavallo (Horse-based support diet) has the same amount of horse meat as the Plus feed (18%) and combines the organoleptic properties and advantages of horse meat proteins with less fat, making it a superior quality maintenance feed for all dogs, even those that suffer from digestive troubles or from food intolerances.

It is also ideal for dogs that need to recover from exhausting days of extreme hunting in demanding environments − such as boar hounds, for example.

The Atletic Dog Mantenimento al pesce (fish maintenance diet) fodder contains 40% fish. With a well balanced fat and protein intake for a support diet, this feed will keep even the most delicate dogs healthy, and is also suitable for dogs with a low food tolerance and that are not particularly active.

Necon Pet Food offers an extensive line of dog fodder products, including the Atletic Dog support diet products
Andera Conforti, the owner of Necon Pet Food

Now we can provide our four-legged friends with a high quality, healthy, balanced diet, whatever condition they may be in. After all, our dogs always give 100% without asking for anything in return except a little love and care. 

If you wish to find out more about the full range of Atletic dog products, the Necon Pet Food staff will be pleased to welcome you to the company stand (Pavillion 1 Stand 126) at the HIT Show 2016 − to be held at the Vicenza trade fairgrounds next February 13th thru 15th − and to answer any questions. Necon Pet food will also attend the IWA 2016 in Nuremberg − they'll be at Stand 136, Pavillion 6.

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