Dogs and nutrition: Atletic Dog Alta Energia (High Energy) for field trial dogs and Atletic Dog Light for resting dogs

The world of hunting dogs really reaches its climax during the spring months. 

The best trained and most athletic dogs compete against each other in the field trials in an effort to demonstrate the highest levels of skill and meet the standards required to represent their breed, earning a well-deserved feeling of satisfaction for themselves and their handlers. As in any competitive situation, opportunities to show off your full skillset and give your best without making mistakes are rare. Our dogs must obviously be in optimal physical condition in order to cope with the intensity of the trials and respond promptly to any difficulty that may arise.

Good protein intake is therefore vital for speedy recovery from fatigue and to withstand the intense and tightly-packed rounds of competition, often on difficult terrain.

Atletic Dog 
Atletic dog Alta Energia (High Energy) and Atletic dog Light both offer the same complete diet, with protein content that is adjusted to optimize your dog’s recovery

Atletic Dog Alta Energia is the ideal food for field trial dogs thanks to its selection of easy-to-assimilate raw materials that provide just the right amount of calories. Alta Energia is made up of the following ingredients: cereal grains, cereal grain products and by-products, animal products and by-products, fish, seafood and their products and by-products (5%), oils and fats, yeast (3%), minerals, chondroitin 85 mg/kg and glucosamine 85 mg/kg. 

Another advantage which cannot be underestimated is the possibility to reduce your dog’s daily intake of food, since just 10 grams of this highly nutritious food per kilogram of your dog’s weight is sufficient. Our dogs will never feel weighed down and will always be responsive and ready to face the rhythm of competition without feeling the strain.

For dogs only active during the hunting season, which is now fully behind us, a complete and balanced diet is nonetheless essential, but decidedly lighter and less protein-rich. It is for these dogs, as well as for all of our four-legged companions not involved in hunting, that Necon Pet Food has developed Atletic Dog Light.

Atletic Dog Light is made from the same ingredients as Alta Energia, ensuring our four-legged friends benefit from the same rich and healthy diet, but less protein-rich and even easier to digest. Atletic Dog Light is the perfect food to give your dog even during the hottest summer months, not forgetting the importance of regular walks and cardio respiratory activity to bolster your dog’s metabolism.

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