Well-Equipped: Backpacks and Bags from 5.11 Tactical

5.11 is known for its extraordinarily high quality and for clothing and equipment that are optimally designed for tactical missions, hunting and the authorities.

However, the renowned US manufacturer 5.11 Tactical also has numerous accessories and pieces of hunting equipment in its range of products. Whether for storing ammunition or a long and strenuous march through the wilderness – hunters will be able to safely stow everything they need in one of these backpacks. But it is the expansion systems that make the 5.11 Tactical products unique and suitable for almost any situation.

5.11 Tactical’s Combination Systems

Backpacks and bags for the hunt.
5.11 Tactical’s combination systems make it possible to equip the backpacks and bags in a variety of different ways.

All bags and backpacks are equipped with a Molle or back-up system. With these practical features, they can easily be expanded with the RUSH Tier system. The back-up system makes it possible to stow bulky equipment and/or to carry additional equipment via a Velcro system.

These combination systems allow e.g. large bags to be quickly attached to smaller ones. By doing so, 5.11 Tactical has improved the carrying comfort for hunters, and allows its hunting equipment to be customized to individual requirements. Another system is the Moab system. Moab stands for Mobile Operation Attachment Bag, and allows for the rapid and smooth connection of the individual elements.

Backpacks for the Hunt from 5.11 Tactical

In its selection of backpacks, 5.11 Tactical also offers the Rapid Excursion Pack Backpack. This backpack is suitable for long hikes with overnight stays. It offers sufficient stowage space and provides room for all necessary items. The Rapid Excursion Pack is made of a robust nylon fabric, the drawstring can be operated manually, and the shoulder straps are made of a strong, aerospace-grade mesh. With a total volume of 23 liters, it offers ample space, and the dimensions (L 51 ×  W 35.5 ×  H 13) of the backpack are ideal for use on hunts. However, there is one thing to note: the nylon fabric of the backpack rustles! This may scare off animals when stalking them. 5.11 Tactical offers the Rapid Excursion Pack in the colors sandstone and double tap. Backpacks from this series are available for €24.95 in stores.

Hunters cross a river.
Backpacks from 5.11 Tactical are ideal for long hunting expeditions.
Rapid Excursion Pack backpack 
The Rapid Excursion Pack backpack from 5.11 Tactical is extra light.
Covert BoxPack backpack 
The Covert BoxPack backpack from 5.11 Tactical is available in three color variants.

The Covert BoxPack backpack is the featherweight among the 5.11 Tactical backpacks. What characterizes this product is that it is particularly suited for urban areas, and is outfitted with a TacTec system for quick access to weapons. Furthermore, there are numerous side pockets for accessories and elastic tightening straps for additional magazines. The Covert BoxPack backpack is made of polyester, and hence stands up to all types of weather. The price of this series is €129.95.

Bags for the Hunt from 5.11 Tactical

The VTAC shotgun shell bag is a particularly tear-resistant nylon bag from 5.11 Tactical. With it, marksmen will be able to access their rounds relatively quickly.  The shotgun shell bag from 5.11 Tactical costs €32.95.

The VTAC shotgun shell bag from 5.11 Tactical.
Marksmen will be able to quickly access their ammunition with the 5.11 Tactical VTAC shotgun shell bag.
The VTAC shotgun shell strip from 5.11 Tactical.
The maximum capacity of the VTAC shotgun shell strip from 5.11 Tactical is five rounds.

There is also a matching VTAC shotgun shell strip  for the VTAC shotgun shell bag. The Molle belt loops make it compatible with and easy to attach to the shotgun shell bag. Furthermore, the bag is also outfitted with the SlickStick 5.11 fastening system. This makes it even easier for hunters to connect the bag components. This accessory is also made of nylon and holds up to five shotgun shells. This shotgun shell strip costs €22.95 in stores.

The Responder 2900 ALS bag offers more storage space and around a dozen compartments for items both big and small. The bag is in a high-visibility blue and outfitted with reflector strips, making it easy to find even in the darkness. The bag is available for €299.

Responder 2900 ALS bag
For first aid in the field or on hunting trips: the Responder 2900 ALS bag from 5.11 Tactical is easy to find thanks to its hi-viz color scheme.
The Rush Moab 10 backpack from 5.11 Tactical.
The Rush Moab 10 bag with the 5.11 Tier belt system.

One other bag in the 5.11 Tactical range is the Rush Moab 10. What is special about this bag is the new 5.11 Tier belt system. The system allows it to easily be combined with other bags from the Moab series. One highlight is the inner pocket for sunglasses lined with soft, non-scratch fleece. An internal plate for e.g. using a laptop and various secret compartments round off its range of features. The Rush Moab 10 is available in stores for €99.95.

Luggage Bags for the Hunt from 5.11 Tactical

Hunters who wish to stow everything in a single place and are planning to go on an expedition should definitely take a look at the 5.11 Tactical CAMS 2.0 – a large luggage bag with plenty of space. With a volume of 152 liters and a robust, compact design, it is the ideal travel companion. Furthermore, it possesses improved all-around reinforcement. This is an advantage when traveling by air, as bags are often subjected to rough handling. The luggage bag is available in stores for €369.95.

The CAMS 2.0 luggage bag from 5.11 Tactical.
The CAMS 2.0 luggage bag from 5.11 Tactical provides sufficient space for hunting equipment.

5.11 Tactical offers even more backpacks and bags for the hunt. From bags with lots of storage space to small ammunition pouches, the outfitter leaves no desire unfulfilled for hunters. Hence, the next hunt is never far away.

For more information on the products, please visit the 5.11 Tactical website. You will find the 5.11 Tactical catalog on the all4shooters.com catalog page.

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