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About us

We do not sell firearms online. is a portal featuring technical, cultural and leisure information that is dedicated to the World’s shooters and gun enthusiasts. is an independent and politically neutral web platform backed by the reliable know-how and experience of a world-class publisher, VS Medien GmbH, specialized in firearms publications, such as Visier, Visier Special Editions,  Schweizer Waffenmagazin and Caliber magazines.

Both Caliber and Visier magazines have been Market Leaders in Germany for the past 25 years.

VS Medien main office is located in Bad Ems, Germany:

VS Medien GmbH

Wipsch 156130 Bad Ems, Germany International office is located in Rome, Italy:
International Office

Viale Pasteur 66

00144 Rome, Italy

+39 06 5919491

[email protected]

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