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Umarex Brodax air powered revolver

Umarex Brodax air powered revolver

02/04/2016 - SHOT Show 2016 / Umarex USA introduced at SHOT Show the Brodax. This new air powered 4,5 mm BB revolver will start shipping as soon as February of this year

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Brodax is not a faithful replica of an existing firearm, rather has a Sci-Fi inspired look
Brodax is not a faithful replica of an existing firearm, rather has a Sci-Fi inspired look

The Umarex Brodax is a stylish and attractive 4,5 mm BB revolver that might remind you of a fantasy gun seen in a video game or a science fiction movie.

Vented ports are positioned atop the barrel housing with a Picatinny rail positioned at top rear making it ready for a dot sight. Located below the barrel another Picatinny rail is ready for a laser or flashlight. The Brodax has a lightweight polymer frame with internal metal parts including the trigger and hammer. The material make up combined with its external sleek lines give the Brodax great balance.

Like other recent introductions from Umarex the CO2 capsule is concealed in the frame of the grip and a hex tool for tightening the capsule is integrated into the grip plate to prevent misplacing it. There's a safety, but it is also cleverly placed at top of the grip behind the hammer with a low profile so that it does not distract from the revolver's


Loading this handgun is easy; a circular clip slides out from behind the stationary cylinder and holds 10 4,5 mm caliber steel BBs. You can expect the Brodax revolver to shoot approximately 375 feet per second and to cost about $44.95 at retail.

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