STRYK B pistol by Arsenal Firearms poised for EU market launch

“The compact pistol STRYK B is designed for quick and precise shot sequences, making it ideal for sports shooting” – our description of the new handgun by Arsenal Firearms in our news from SHOT Show 2017 hit the nail on the head. Click here for the complete story.

We have since enjoyed the exclusive opportunity to test fire the STRYK B at the shooting range during the RWS Shooting Day, held on the eve of IWA.

STRYK B Arsenal Firearms
The STRYK B is the new polymer pistol from Arsenal Firearms.

Our first impressions:

Tipping the scales at 840 g, the new polymer pistol is not exactly a featherweight, but it’s still a far cry from the hefty Strike One. The new STRYK B is almost 80 g lighter and lies flush in the hand. The eye-catching grip mapping is arranged contrary to the movement of the gun to guarantee outstanding purchase during discharge. The squat form of the weapon is another noticeable feature that predestines it for concealed carry. The design is unusual, and the ergonomic cocking serrations on the upper side of the pistol are immediately arresting. Quick racking and clear troubleshooting work perfectly at the first attempt.

IWA 2017: the STRYK B on the shooting range

We were particularly curious to see what the first shot felt like, of course. The manufacturer promises that the weapon’s engineering with the innovative AF Speedlock slide system will ensure outstanding shooting performance. In the words of the manufacturer: “engineered for a low bore line and a straight trigger with short trigger reset designed for sports shooting.”

Shooting with the STRYK B 
The pistol has a very pleasant feel when shooting thanks to the straight trigger with short trigger reset of 2,5 mm.
  • We tested it ourselves:
  • The pistol has a very pleasant feel when shooting. We gave it a spin with the GECO 9 mm full metal jacket (8.0 g).
  • The low muzzle rise is an immediately noticeable, positive feature of the new STRYK B.
  • Recoil also seems perceptibly reduced compared to other 9 mm polymer pistols.
  • The firearm has less muzzle flip to ensure rapid target acquisition.
  • It has a great trigger. The short trigger reset and its straight design make rapid and precise shot sequences a real pleasure.
  • The line of sight is relatively long for a compact pistol (162 mm), enabling clear target acquisition.
  • The 15-round steel magazine is absolutely high-end.

STRYK B – technology and engineering

We assume that the innovative engineering principle makes the main and noticeable difference to other, comparable polymer pistols priced at up to €1,000. The unique feature of the STRYK B is its innovative AF-Speedlock slide, which ensures that the handgun’s 4.3-inch barrel cycles in a straight line from front to rear without tilting. The weapon is locked by vertical movement of the locking block, which is not firmly attached to the barrel. The popular counterpart to this principle is the classic Browning system with a tilting barrel. The engineering principle is found in weapons like the Walther PPQ or in guns by GLOCK, Heckler & Koch (SFP5) or the Ruger American Pistol. The new SIG Sauer P320 also uses this modified Colt-Browning locking principle.

Undisputed is that the distance between the hand and bore lines on the STRYK B is just 12 mm, compared to 25 mm for a HK SFP5 and even 35 mm for the GLOCK 19. In other words: shooters benefit from the lower muzzle flip in the STRYK B compared to other polymer pistols. It’s actually quite obvious if you understand cause-and-effect.

Arsenal Firearms ploughed its own furrow with the slide engineering for the Strike One and is now continuing consistently down the same track with its new technology partner RUAG. The basic design of the STRYK B shows plenty of similarities, but many of the features have seen significant development and noticeable improvement, producing a truly impressive handgun.

STRYK B: price and availability

STRYK B: shooting test
The STRYK B pistol is easy to handle and easy to shoot.

What we now have is a genuinely innovative sports and service pistol that creates its own new premium segment of polymer pistols. Scheduled to sell for the recommended retail price of  899,- Euro in Germany, the manufacturer is stating plainly that this pistol is different. Buyers looking for a mainstream product at a bargain price are barking up the wrong tree. So what defines the STRYK B? Its engineering is different, its design unusual and it certainly shoots better in terms of muzzle flip and recoil.

We felt the latter aspects live on the shooting range and are convinced that the pistol is a job well done. The weapons we tested were still pre-series, and the company is currently tinkering away at the final details. The technology partner RUAG has announced that it will manufacture the STRYK B at its factories in Germany and Hungary.

Unofficially at least, buyers can look forward to the STRYK B hitting the shops in Europe around May or early summer 2017.

Arsenal Firearms STRYK B: the Specs

Manufacturer:Arsenal Firearms
Technology partner:RUAG Ammotec
Market segment:Polymer pistol
Caliber:9 mm Luger
Magazine capacity:15-round; steel magazine
Barrel length:109 mm
Total length:193 mm
Width:35 mm
Height:130 mm

Laterally-adjustable; compatible with GLOCK aftermarket solutions

Line of sight:162 mm
Safeties:Trigger safety, automatic firing pin safety
Weight (unloaded):840 g 
Price:899,- Euro (RRP in Germany), for other countries: contact your retailer 
STRYK B pistol
The new polymer pistol STRYK B from Arsenal Firearms will be available from spring 2017 and will cost 899, - Euro (manufacturer's UVP).
Stand Arsenal Firearms IWA 2017
Arsenal Firearms STRYK B pistol at the stand at the IWA 2017.
Double Barrel pistol from Arsenal
In addition to the new STRYK B Arsenal Firearms also showed the Double Barrel pistol.

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