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Extrema Ratio Mamba & Black Mamba knives

Extrema Ratio Mamba & Black Mamba for the Special Forces

03/19/2017 - Enforce Tac 2017 / New from Extrema Ratio: Extrema Ratio Mamba & Black Mamba knives

Extrema Ratio has created some knives for the Special Forces, the result of the Tuscan knife makers’ experience gained over the years. 

A big knife is not always better than a medium-sized or small knife, especially for the Special Forces who’ll already be carrying a lot of weight on a mission. Bulletproof protection, communications’ equipment, weapons and spare magazines, a torch and cuffs already weigh more than enough.

Adding the weight of a big knife to this would be overkill. So a knife of limited size and weight is a popular choice for operators as it’s still effective if ever needed. 

Extrema Ratio Mamba and Black Mamba: knives for the Special Forces

The Extrema Ratio Mamba is a fine example. It’s a fixed blade knife that hails to Japanese design. The N690Co steel half-tanto blade has a stonewashed finish. It’s 11 centimetres long and has a deep fuller on both sides that helps keep the weight down.

The Forprene grip has the classic Extrema Ratio profile, with a slightly slimmer design than usual. The blade of the Black Mamba has a blued finish.

The Mamba comes in a plastic sheath, which it is locked into by a safety catch with a release button.  The sheath is compatible with M.O.L.L.E. gear attachment systems

For further information, visit the Extrema Ratio website.

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