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CRKT Pineapple, the “grenade-knife”

CRKT Pineapple knife

The CRKT Pineapple is an EDC (Every Day Carry) knife intended for everyday use. Despite its small size it features a blade that can manage many tasks.

Giorgio Brancaglion /

Although in the photos we wanted to play with the name of this knife, in fact the inspiration for its name does not come from the delicious tropical fruit, but from the nickname which is slang for some kind of hand grenades.

Details of the CRKT Pineapple knife

Details of the CRKT Pineapple dettaglio clip in acciaio
The CRKT Pineapple has a steel removable clip on the right side.

Designed by American knife-maker Mattew Lerch, it stands out for the handle designed to offer maximum grip and whose shape strongly resembles that of a US Mk2 grenade.

The two sides of the handle are scalloped to offer the the best grip while the glass-fiber Nylon grip panels are textured, completed with grooves.

The drop point blade measures 67 mm and is made from 1.4116 SS steel hardened to 56-58 HRC. It is a very common steel for kitchen knives, characterized by a high resistance to corrosion and easy to sharpen too, which makes up for the not exceptional edge retention. The blade finish is "stonewashed".

The blade can be opened in a flash by acting on a flipper that protrudes from the handle and is securely locked open by a liner lock system. The Pineapple measures 90 mm closed with a weight of 93 grams

CRKT Pineapple costs about 45 Euro.

For more information please visit CRKT website.


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