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IWA 2017: Torbjörn Lindskog appointed as new President of WFSA

New President of WFSA: Torbjörn Lindskog 

03/09/2017 - WFSA, the World Forum on Shooting Activities, represents more than hundred million national and international sport shooters and hunters on six continents as an official Non-Government Organization. The incoming President accepted his new role and thanked his predecessor Hans Herbert Keusgen. Let’s introduce the organization, its partners and strategic goals: / WFSA

On March 2, 2017, in Nuremberg, in conjunction with the International Trade Fair for Hunting and Sport Shooting (IWA OutdoorClassics), the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA) held its annual General Assembly.

The WFSA was founded in 1996, the WFSA has members all over the world, and represents over one hundred million hunters and sport shooters. The WFSA is an official United Nations Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) recognized by the Economic and Social Council of the UN General Assembly. AFEMS, the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition, serves as Executive Member of WFSA through its President Torbjörn Lindskog.

On that occasion, Torbjörn Lindskog was nominated and unanimously elected as President of WFSA, succeeding the outgoing President Hans Herbert Keusgen. The incoming President Torbjörn Lindskog, the former CEO of Norma ammunition in Sweden, accepted his new role thanking his predecessor and all WFSA members, with the following words:

WFSA members 2017
Torbjörn Lindskog was elected as new President of WFSA, in Nuremberg.

“It is with great honor that I accept the nomination of President of the World Forum on Shooting Activities. I am humbled and privileged to assume this new role. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Mr. Herbert Keusgen, for his leadership and outstanding contributions to WFSA during his presidency, and all the members of the Forum. I am inspired by Mr. Keusgen’s commitment to WFSA and all of his achievements. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of WFSA"

AFEMS is particularly proud of such a prestigious acknowledgement which testifies the association’s primary role at both European and International level, and would like to wish good luck to President Lindskog for his new appointment. 

Background information about AFEMS:

AFEMS is the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition. It is a non-profit organization based in Brussels which was set up in 1951 to continue the work started in 1898 by the International Ammunition Convention. AFEMS is a Europe-wide association. Founded on the principles of cooperation and dialogue, it provides a forum for its network of members, a hub of information on sporting ammunition and a means of responding effectively to technical, scientific and legislative challenges. AFEMS is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

For further information:

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