5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt – the tactical battle kilt

On April 1, 2012, the manufacturer, 5.11 Tactical, which is one of the leading companies for tactical gear, released the Tactical Duty Kilt to great fanfare with a video and press release. This is a kind of tactical Kilt with Teflon coating that can be used in many sorts of tactical situations.

But the Tactical Duty Kilt soon turned out to be merely an April Fool’s Day joke, to the disappointment of the community. A following of many fans started to assemble behind the idea of a "battle kilt."

Tom Davon, CEO of 5.11 Tactical, noted: "The Tactical Duty kilt started out as an April Fool’s Day joke, but the prank backfired when customers actually demanded that we release the kilt." On April 1, 2016, the U.S. manufacturer again announced the Tactical Duty Kilt in a new camouflage pattern, but this time it was not a joke!

The Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11 Tactical is now a reality

The 2015 Highland Games World Champion and a US Marine RECON showed off the kilt in a spectacular video released by 5.11 Tactical. And the design of the Tactical Duty Kilt has a lot to offer.

Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11 Tactical
The Tactical Duty Kilt from 5.11 Tactical in Kryptek Mandrake camouflage

The kilt has a water-repellent Teflon coating and removable cargo pockets. The material is made of extremely durable ripstop TDU fabric that is both able to withstand rough missions while being especially light, wrinkle-resistant, and breathable at the same time. The cargo pockets of the Tactical Duty Kilt have inserts for pistols and carbine magazines. The deep pockets of the kilt have a reinforced area where a knife can be kept. The tactical "battle kilt" comes in the solid colors of black, olive green, brown, gray, and khaki, and it is also available in the MultiCam and Kryptek Mandrake camouflage patterns.

However, so far 5.11 Tactical only offers the kilt in specialist stores or online. You currently cannot order the Tactical Duty Kilt online for delivery to Germany.

Nevertheless, we have found the 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt online at Amazon.com.  It is not available in all colors and starts at EUR 79.90.

Donations from the sale of the 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt

The American company 5.11 Tactical donates a portion of each sale of the Tactical Duty Kilt to charity. Its donations go to the FBI National Academy Associates Charitable Fund and the "Raider Project" of the US MARSOC and Marine Corps. To date, more than USD 60,000 have been donated.

Whether as casual wear, at the shooting range, or in the Scottish Highlands, the Tactical Duty Kilt is convenient, practical, and ideal for the man who wants to stand out. Because, as the saying goes at 5.11 Tactical: "A standard kilt says you're a man. A 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt says you're a bad man."

Watch 5.11 Tactical's video about the new Tactical Duty Kilt:

More information can be found on the 5.11 Tactical website.

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