AirGhandi – On the shooting range with the leisure shooter

Air rifle shooting with Andi alias AirGhandi

Who is AirGhandi?

One man, one passion: air rifle shooting! Andi alias AirGhandi was born in 1979. He is a proud family father and an enthusiastic air rifle shooter. He came to target shooting activities in the year 2014 when his father-in-law handed him over an air rifle. Andi was fascinated from the first shot and at the same time infected with the virus "sport shooting". Thus, AirGhandi was born.

The idea with the YouTube-Channel about airgun shooting, air rifle plus equipment tests and shooting videos came up to the leisure shooter only one year later. He felt that he needed to show the world how much fun air rifle shooting is for him. His enthusiasm for his big passion is simply contagious.

More and more viewers have quickly shown genuine interest in his videos. Especially AirGhandi's explanations concerning weapons and accessories in very simple and clear terms – without technical jargon – distinguish the test reports as well as the entertainment videos. By the way, all his shooting videos have an English subtitle. 

At AirGhandi you can really discover a lot about air rifle shooting.

The ambitious amateur marksman loves to share his experiences on YouTube, on Facebook and and of course here at all4shooters.

What is important to him and which weapons he tests, you will find at the end of this page.


Tips for air rifle shooting: On the shooting range with AirGhandi

Even the passionate air rifle shooter could hardly find answers on YouTube to the flood of questions that he had about air gun shooting. Therefore, he invested much time and effort in thorough research to give answers to himself.

AirGhandi will be happy to help you with his knowledge, to provide valuable tips on shooting with air rifles and suitable equipment and to introduce his favourite weapons. The bandwidth ranges from barrel cleaning, sighting in a riflescope, recommendations for diabolos and your own shooting range to legal import of firearms.

Air rifles tested by AirGhandi

AirGhandi bought one air rifle after another and resold it shortly thereafter. He is just an air rifle shooter by passion. That's how he could try out innumerable weapons by himself, examine them and test them in every detail – always in search of the perfect model.

He shares his impressions with you in reviews of the various air rifles.

For AirGhandi one thing is clear: He only makes videos about products that he likes himself. It is of particular importance to him that you really have use for the presented and tested products. 

He deliberately does not create videos about rifles or accessories that, from his point of view, are rather bad, as his and your time is too valuable for that.

On all4shooters AirGhandi now regularly reports on his experiences on the shooting range, gives tips on air rifle shooting and introduces great air rifles as well as suitable equipment. 

We are looking forward to your feedback. AirGhandi will try his best to answer your questions and help you. Have fun!

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