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MINOX DTC 550 Digital Trail Camera

MINOX DTC 550 Wild camera

02/14/2017 - MINOX will launch a new Digital Trail Camera at the 2017 British Shooting Show - the MINOX DTC 550. We will show you the features and the price of the MINOX DTC 550.

Demand for trail cameras continues to grow as users discover new applications for the technology; in addition to the tradition observation of wildlife, trail cameras are increasing being used for domestic and commercial surveillance purposes. This latest addition to the MINOX DTC range features a newly designed intuitive guidance set-up menu that is quick and easy to use. 

MINOX DTC 550 camera
The new MINOX DTC 550 wild and surveillance camouflage camera.

The MINOX DTC 550 is fitted with a new 5 megapixel sensor which provides outstanding imaging quality and pin-sharp definition in both day-light and night use; the camera captures single images and video recordings in full HD resolution and also features a new variable time lapse mode designed for speeding up the long-term recording of motion sequences.  

An infrared flash helps capture images in poor light or darkness at distances of up to 15 meters; the flash is invisible to people and most animals. The DTC 550 has a remarkably fast shutter release of 0.4 seconds and a dormant 'stand-by' battery life of up to 6 months.

All data are stored on a SD card and images can be reviewed directly from the integrated 2.4‘‘ monitor or transferred to a computer via USB port. The DTC 550 can also be password protected against unauthorised access. 

A robust and weatherproof plastic body protects the inside of the camera and keeps out moisture, dust excess of cold and heat.

The new MINOX DTC 550 is available in a camouflage design and comes with fixing strap, wall mounting fixture and USB cable.

The recommended retail price for the MINOX DTC 550 is 149, - Euro (as of 10.2.2017).

Technical data of the MINOX DTC 550 digital trail camera

MINOX DTC 550 Wild and Trail camera
Manufacturer:MINOX GmbH
Model:DTC 550
Type:Wild camera, Trail camera 
Resolutions:Adjustable resolutions: 2 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 12 MP
Sensor:5 MP (Hardware resolution)
Memory card:SD memory card up to 32 GB
Monitor:2.4’’ TFT colour display
Images:Images in colour (day), Images in black & white (night)
Video resolution:Full-HD 1280x720
Dimensions:135,5x101x70 mm
Weight:approx. 295 g
Power supply:8x AA batteries
Connectors:USB, 12 Volt connector for external power supply
Price:149, - Euro (RRP incl. VAT.)

For more information visit Minox website. 

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