A guide to shotgun shooting with the Benelli 828U over and under: tips and tricks
You need to know your shotgun like the back of your hand if you want to make a good impression at the shooting rang
Hunting muntjac in England
If you get to hunt in the woodlands of southern England, then you’ll likely be in prime muntjac country. I just lov
Yukon/Pulsar Helion, Trail and Digisight Ultra at Milipol 2017
11/15/2017 - Yukon/Pulsar will introduce three night vision devices at Milipol 2017: the Pulsar Helion line of thermal imaging m
Sophie Littlewood: deer stalker, deer artist and aspiring collector of exotic deer species.
Sophie Littlewood grew up on a stud farm, and graduated from University with a degree in Animal Science, never imag
Pulsar CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments
11/12/2017 - Pulsar offers the CORE FXQ38 and FXQ50 thermal imaging attachments, built to be used as daytime hunting riflescope
Kimber Super Jägare review: a 1911-style pistol with DeltaPoint Reflex Sight
Waffen Ferkinghoff offers the 1911-style pistol Kimber Super Jägare in 10 mm auto. What’s special about the pistol?

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