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Piotti 2018 - high class shotguns and rifles from Italy: handmade excellence

Double barrel shotgun from F.lli Piotti

The Italian company Fratelli Piotti, manufacturer of elegant guns for 50 years, enchant us with their unique, personalized and perfect shotguns and rifles. Here are some of their new models for 2018 that were also presented at IWA in Nuremberg last march. Now they are available on the market. Let's have a look

The Team of

The history of the Piotti brothers began almost half a century ago and has since continued with absolute passion, competence and precision. A workshop where guns are created for real, machined from solid steel blocks piece after piece; a tradition handed down from teacher to pupil, from father to son. Few guns per year that combine the classic with the modern, the most advanced technology with the manual skills of the past, representing a perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics.

Piotti double shotgun in 20 gauge for hunters and collectors

The engravings on the Piotti 20-gauge shotgun.
The elegant engravings on the Piotti 20-gauge shotgun.

This year at IWA in Nuremberg they presented some of their most beautiful and elegant guns, starting from the 20-gauge shotgun with serpentine side lever.

This is an interpretation of the classic hunting weapon, but also a collectible item of rare beauty.

A H&H-type gun (with the difference in the serpentine lever) sporting precious woods, personalized engravings and select barrels.

Piotti bolt action rifle in .416 Rigby

Piotti is not synonymous only with smoothbore guns: Piotti is also Kipplaufs, Express and bolt action rifles, just like the .416 Rigby (10.6x74) model we are talking about here.

The main features of this model are the bolt handle completely machined from a solid steel block and, still from a single solid block of steel, the action and the optic mountings.

In addition, the magazine box sides are milled with a slight angle of bolt lift to improve repetition and the sight mounts are designed according to the length of the optics.

Safety and bolt are the classic and timeless Mauser 98 style, with some variations on request, while firing pins are turned and machined from special steel bars to the exact size of action. The select wood stocks and barrels are always guaranteed by the company's professionalism.

And please let's not talk about standard prices. Have a look at the manufacturer's website and see the options for customization. That's how "handmade firearms" are created and sold. But be aware: it could be a "5 digits amount" of Euros.

For more information please visit F.lli Piotti website.

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