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Whether you are a hunter, sport shooter or a government official, we have the right catalog for your needs here on and Browse through exclusive virtual catalogs from renowned outfitters, distributors and manufacturers on our website and easily order sought-after products from the comfort of your own home. Our distributor search helps you find the right specialist distributor near you!

Hunting weapons, optics, and ammunition: Current catalogs for 2016/2017
A passion for authentic experiences and true affinity for nature – that is what the hunt is about. Hunting unites a fascinating leisure activity with the obligation to protect nature and maintain our traditions. For their unique adventures, hunters have highly specific requirements for hunting weapons, hunting equipment, hunting ammunition and telescopic sights, rangefinders, and binoculars. We offer numerous international manufacturers’ catalogs focusing on the hunt with a comprehensive range of rifles and shotguns, the right ammunition and products ranging from general hunting equipment to special food for your hunting dog.
Sport weapons, equipment and ammunition: Current catalogs for 2016/2017
Concentration, concentration and more concentration - that is the quintessence of sport shooting. Naturally, an important part is also played by sporting firearms, the right ammunition and high-quality equipment. Top performance in sport shooting arises from the perfect interplay of an iron will, intensive training and high-grade equipment. Find the best weapon for your discipline as a sport shooter, and conveniently stock up on the appropriate equipment for your sporting discipline, your training and your competitions. You will find the corresponding products and prices in the manufacturers’ catalogs. For the latest reviews, visit
Hunting optics and sport optics: Which is the right one for you?
Sport optics are characterized by brilliant optics and functional mechanics that hunters, sport shooters and nature lovers appreciate. The hunting binoculars, telescopic sights, spotting scopes and telescopes are based on sophisticated engineering and easily live up to individual requirements. Both when on the hunt and in sport shooting, these precision optical devices are all but indispensable.
New products, tried-and-true classics and also the best offers for the hunt, sport shooting, ammunition and sport optics - you will find all this and more in our catalog section on Have a look at "your" catalog right now, be inspired and elevate your hunting experience or sporting performance to a whole new level. Discover top products of the season at the best prices and order today or visit your nearby distributor to get a hands-on look at the "object of your desire." 
Here on, you can save time with our digital catalogs - simply relax and browse through them, one after the other. You can compare products directly and be absolutely sure that you pick the one that is perfect for you and the intended use.

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