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IWA 2013: Ammunition

Ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show
Lapua ScenarL OTM bullets for reloading

Lapua ScenarL

After its worldwide introduction earlier this year at SHOT in Las Vegas, Lapua presents its updated and totally refined version of a bullet line that has collected a quantity of world records in long range shooting: the new line of OTM (Open Tip Match) bullets Scenar, now renamed ScenarL, are based upon the same aerodynamic profiles of the Scenar, offering a much improved performance; the ScenarL is the same bullet with even more accurate control and manufacture precision, now available on the market in a quantity of popular Match calibers and bullet weigths, ranging fom .224” to .30” for the bullets alone for reloading, and complete loaded cartridges ranging from .223 Rem to  .308 Win.

Ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show
The Barnes VOR-TX ammunition, with samples of expanded bullets

Barnes VOR-TX

Barnes Bullets departs from its usual standards in 2013 by offering four new calibers in the VOR-TX line as ready-to-use, loaded cartridges, while in the past the company focused on reloading bullets. The new VOR-TX .22-250 Remington ammunition will be loaded with 50-grain TSX bullets − also known as the “Triple Shock X” bullet, an all copper hollowpoint specifically designed for deep penetration and to resist fragmentations − while the .260-Remington, .280-Remington and .300-Weatherby will use variable-weight TTSX bullets (more specifically 120, 140 and 180 grains respectively). The TTSX is basically a TSX bullet fitted with a polymer tip to improve the bullet’s ballistic coefficient and long range performance.

Ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show
GECO's new centerfire rifle cartridge: 6,5x55mm GECO Plus


GECO is synonymous with good, middle priced hunting and sporting ammunition. At IWA 2013, GECO will be exhibiting once more an enlarged rifle cartridge segment with two additional bullets: GECO Plus and GECO Express. GECO Plus is a bonded, high quality bullet designed for big game. GECO Express has a new, streamlined bullet shape with a plastic tip that offers a high level of precision and is consistently effective over long distances. From summer 2013, a new calibre will be available: 6.5 x 55 for GECO Plus. The bottom line: an interesting range with a total of 15 calibres will be available for hunters seeking an excellent price/performance ratio. 

New rimfire cartridges from GECO in the small bore range: the .22 LR Semi Auto - training ammunition, optimized for semi-automatics and pistols. The new product will be out in the market in summer 2013.

GECO ammunition is also distributed internationally. At the 2013 SHOT Show, reported, that the entire GECO range of sporting and hunting ammunition is to be launched in the US this spring.

Ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show
Fiocchi 9mm Flobert ammunition

Fiocchi 9mm Flobert

Fiocchi is the last ammunition manufacturer that still offers 9mm rimfire Flobert cartridges for the thousands upon thousands of users that surprisingly still use this small smoothbore rimfire chambering.

Until today, Fiocchi offered a series of shot cartridges, 7,5 grams of lead ranging from n.6 to n.11 pellets; at this edition of the IWA, Fiocchi introduces the lead free version of the shot cartridge using 7,5 grams of n.8 pellets and a new 5 gram lead bullet. The price af a 50 round box is approximately the same as a box of standard centerfire pistol ammunition. The new 9mm Flobert is already available for sale in retail gunshops.

Ammunition at the 2013 SHOT Show
The packaging for the Russian-made Barnaul “Centaur” ammunition line, loaded with Hornady bullets

Barnaul Centaur

The Barnaul Cartridge Plant products have always been known for their budget price, although with the downside of not offering a quality level that would match that of many, if not most, of the main European and American manufacturers. A revolution in quality itself from this Russian maker seems to come in 2013 with the Centaur line, featuring 5.56x45mm (.223 Remington), 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm (.308-Winchester), 7.62x54R, .30-06 Springfield and 9mm loads with US-made Hornady bullets on Russian brass cases and lacquered primers. Available either in standard or “Accuracy” variants, the “Centaur” ammunition should appeal to the “western” markets pretty quickly in a time when the U.S. post-Newtown hoarding frenzy led to product shortages and to a steep rise in prices for ammunition basically on all global civilian markets.

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