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Beretta A400 “Xplor Action”

Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20 gauge
Beretta launches a 20-gauge variant of its latest and most popular autoloading hunting shotgun!

The 20-gauge Beretta A-400 “XPlor Action” features a 3” chamber and is available in 24”, 26”, 28” or 30” barrel configurations, all featuring OptimaChoke HP chokes. All barrels are certified to whitsand up to 1630 Bar of pressure, which makes it ideal for steel shots, a type of ammunition that, despite many resistances from shooters especially in North America, is replacing lead ammunition in most, if not all, of hunting specialties, with waterfowl first due to the extremely polluting effect that lead has on ponds and aquatic environments.

Beretta A-400 XPlor Action 20 gauge
The 20-gauge version of the Beretta A-400 “XPlor Action” shotgun is currently unavailable on the international markets, although it will soon be!

The 20-gauge Beretta A-400 “XPlor Action” has just gone into limited distribution on the Italian market, and is not yet available elsewhere. Only a selected number of gun shops in Italy are currently cleared by Beretta to distribute their latest, finest shooting machine. Needless to say, this implies that a retail price for the international market has not been announced yet. We however have reason to believe that an official launch outside of the Italian market will happen very soon, and weʼll report to you as soon as it happens, so stay tuned on to discover when, where and how youʼll be able to get your grips over Berettaʼs latest, best creation!

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